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Heated Stair Mats - Outdoor Electric Heatable Stair Treads

Updated on August 24, 2014

What Are Heated Stair Treads?

Electric stair mats are designed to fit on outdoor steps and stairs to provide a safe way to use these stairways throughout the winter months. Heated stair treads melt snow and ice away at a rate of around 2 inches per hour in most cases, which will clear away accumulated snow and ice or prevent its formation during snowy winter weather. Ice melting mats remove snow build up with the need for shoveling and scraping and without harsh chemical snow removal products and they are designed to be left outside throughout the winter months ready to be used whenever you need them.

Electric heated mats are the ideal solution to any location which has even a few steps or those with many as they can be chained together to provide a safe walking zone for those climbing up the steps. Combined with heated pathway mats and an electric heated doormat for keep snow and ice away from your front door, you can provide a safe a secure walkway to your home or place of business all through the winter months.

Be sure to find the size which fits your needs. A poorly fitting mat might be dangerous in itself it it overhangs the stair or is bunched up and scrunched in place or is too small to effectively remove all the snow and ice, leaving icy patches. Snow removal heated mats for stairs are available in a variety of sizes in addition to the ones listed here on this page.

Why Are Electric Heated Stair Mats Important?

Winter time can be a lot of fun. It's that time of year when the young ones get to play in the snow, build snowmen, have snowball fights, go tobogganing down a hillside and generally have a ball. For the rest of us, winter brings back lots of memories and lets us pull out snowboards or skis if we're still young enough to use them, but it also turns our thoughts to issues of safety, winterizing homes against high heating bills and cold drafts and making those areas outside for which we responsible a safe and secure place for ourselves and others to walk on.

When snow falls we have to pull out our snow shovel with wheels to clear the snow off the driveway and in the case of heavy snowfall, we might have to break out the extendable snow rake to protect our roof as well. Yup, snow is awesome when you're a kid but gets to be a little more of a pain in the posterior, sometimes literally, when you are a conscientious adult.

Slippery sidewalks, paths and stairs cause countless slips and falls each year leading to numerous trips to the emergency room with broken bones and more serious injuries. The elderly and the infirm are more at risk although slipping on snow covered ice is something which brings all of us down with a bump if we are not careful. Slippery steps and stairs are particularly dangerous and a fall on these can lead to serious injury and they're not so easy to clean off either. That's where heated stair mats are so useful as they can keep outdoor steps snow and ice free and keep anyone who uses them safe throughout the winter.

Useful For Home or Business Use

Preventing slips and falls is the primary use to which this kind of snow melting floor mat is put. For business owners this can mean the difference between keeping your staff and customers safe and sound throughout the winter months or having someone fall and you being to blame. For homeowners, it can mean the difference between knowing your loved ones are safe and sound, especially if you have older relatives who are unsteady on their feet in the first place, or just trusting to chance that things will be fine.

Stairs can get slippery very quickly during the winter months and ice build up can be invisible to the eye but snow melting stair treads keep the ice away and provide a high traction surface to avoid slips and falls. Putting down chemical melting agents will temporarily remove snow and ice build up but this quickly wears away and if you are not diligent, ice can build up before you know it. Heated stair treads are a more permanent solution to the problem, just turn them on, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your steps are protected for the duration.


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