My top ten organic gardening tips

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    Julie-Ann Amosposted 8 years ago

    My top ten organic gardening tips

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    1organicgardenerposted 8 years ago

    Ok, I'm game. Here are my top ten organic gardening tips.

    #1 Get yourself educated on what organic means so you know the difference between conventional foods and organic foods. This will also give you the knowledge you need to garden organically.

    #2 Make sure that you keep your soil well fed with compost for nutrient density. This will ensure that your plants have everything they need to grow healthy and produce as much as possible.

    #3 Turn the soil twice a year to minimize weeds and to return any greens not used after harvest back to the soil for the next growing season.

    #4 Properly space your plants for maximum yield from each as well as maximum amount of plants. You do not want to waste any space in a small garden and you want to get as much produce out of the garden as possible. No crowding.

    #5 Keep you pets out of the garden area. They can ruin the place in short order. If they are anything like mine they will eat all the ripe produce before you can get to it. I have two dogs that love our veggies. Last year they got in and ate the whole row of carrots.

    #6 To help control weeds use the landscape fabric barrier under mulch where ever you can. This will greatly reduce your need to spend a lot of time pulling weeds.

    #7 Keep plenty of mulch on hand to place in walk ways and this will keep you cleen as you work in the garden. It is no fun to get all muddy when you are trying to enjoy your gardening efforts.

    #8 Start your seedlings early in colder climates in a cold frame or in the house in a cool spot. Make sure they have plenty of light, fresh air and moisture. Do not over water.

    #9 Use your own composted soil for seedlings. This will ensure that you are remaining organic.

    #10 Eat and enjoy the harvest you have produced and if you produce too much to handle then you can give it away to others like my wife does or put it up for later consumption in the winter months. There are several ways you can preserve what you grow.

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    GardenNut101posted 6 years ago

    I think 1organicgardener says it all really.  Good answer!