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Do you enjoy having candles in your home? Or do you feel that they are dangerous

  1. LailaK profile image78
    LailaKposted 5 years ago

    Do you enjoy having candles in your home? Or do you feel that they are dangerous?

  2. ZAS profile image61
    ZASposted 5 years ago

    Both. I do like the atmosphere that candles can create and might occasionally light one on a table if there will be people there every second that it burns. Other than that, I have met numerous people who have had their homes burned and so the thought of fire is too scary to risk(especially with a cat in the house). Battery operated candles are a pretty nice substitute.

  3. brsmom68 profile image87
    brsmom68posted 5 years ago

    I enjoy the ambiance of a candle, but as with all open flames precautions must be taken. Keep them away from curtains and other flammable materials. Always use an appropriate candle holder. If you have a candle on the toilet tank, place a coaster or pot holder under the candle holder; the heat from the candle and cold from the tank may cause the holder to break. This is a note from personal experience; thankfully the candle went out and no fire resulted.

    If leaving the house or if pets are present, be extra careful. This also applies to children; playtime can quickly turn into emergency room time if precautions aren't taken. Use the candles responsibly and enjoy their beauty and relaxing effects.

  4. Melindas Mind profile image69
    Melindas Mindposted 5 years ago

    Both. I love candles, but my youngest has aspergers syndrome, and a fascination for fire. Combining those means nothing with an open flame is allowed in my house because he'll burn himself and possibly set the house on fire in the process.