How do you remove stains from a granite counter?

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    arizonataylorposted 5 years ago

    How do you remove stains from a granite counter?

    I have two stains on my granite counter.  One appears to be coffee, and the other appears to be pomegranate.  Neither stain will come clean regardless of all my efforts.  I've tried numerous cleansers, and none have removed these stains.  Is there a product or procedure for removing tough stains from granite?

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    relacheposted 5 years ago

    Both of those items are extremely strong staining, and if your granite is both light-colored and unsealed, you may very well have permanent stains.  The fact that you've tried numerous cleaners and had no luck really makes it seem this s the case.  You may have to sand off the stains in those areas or replace sections of the granite.

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    ashtonparker436posted 4 years ago

    Here are the types of stain and what you can use to remove them.
    1. For organic stains like coffee, soda, mustard, gravy, tea, etc., you may use Hydrogen Peroxide (30%-40% by volume)
    2. For inorganic stains like ink, dyes, dirt, etc. you can use rubbing alcohol for ink; Hydrogen Peroxide (30%-40% by volume) for all others
    3. For oil like any type of cooking oil, some mineral oils, butter, margarine, etc, you may use pure acetone (avoid using nail polish remover as different brands have different ingredients)
    4. For biological stains like mold, mildew, etc., you can use bleach or MB-9
    5. For metal stains (rust, copper, etc.) you can use iron-out (a white powder available at hardware stores)

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