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Are we obsessed with money making?

  1. telltale profile image76
    telltaleposted 7 years ago

    Are we obsessed with money making?

    I noticed that several of the hubs here are about making money.  While money is, undeniably, an essential part of one's livelihood, but is it everything a person wants in order to enjoy one's aspiration to living.

  2. realtalker profile image38
    realtalkerposted 7 years ago

    Very good question.

    No, I don't believe that everyone is obsessed with money making, however, they may, from their own experiences, know a thing or two about it.

    Many times though, the content that's written is just to bring in traffic, so the quality is way less than the quantity in this case.

  3. snagerries profile image72
    snagerriesposted 7 years ago

    It depends upon individual to individual. I have seen few hubbers who write about almost everything with no intention of making money. Some people tend to share their thoughts with others without the intention of getting any monetory benefit.

  4. mackyxx profile image65
    mackyxxposted 7 years ago

    Probably a lot of people are, but that would be the westernised worlds. Theres a lot out there that are just struggling to find food, haven't seen money for months, even years. Unfortunately I think if you know what money is then the answer to your question is yes. For those with money, well they're gonna want recognition or power! As far as hubbing goes, I do it for fun. You can earn a damload more from a real job and I find what I do far more rewarding too. But hubbers have their place too.

  5. C.A. Johnson profile image68
    C.A. Johnsonposted 7 years ago

    Some people seek to make solely internet generated income while others just like to write. I can understand the questions regarding Adsense because it's flaky at best. Yes, I believe some people are obsessed with financial gain, I'm not one of them. No, I do not believe that everybody aspires to have more than they need.

    Money isn't everything it just makes the road easier to travel. Money also has very little to do with the choice of existing or living.

  6. Apostle Jack profile image60
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    I thank the whole world depends on and is obsess with money more-so than they do the Amighty God.Even the Churches bow to materialism of the glitter and glem of life more than showing the image that is suppose to be different than the money-grabbing fingers of paganism.

  7. ExpandYourMind profile image74
    ExpandYourMindposted 7 years ago

    I guess I am obsessed with paying my bills and living reasonably well.  I do want to have enough to retire comfortably, but I have never been one who needed to keep up with the Joneses.