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should people under 21 be merried?

  1. maddiekylie1077 profile image55
    maddiekylie1077posted 7 years ago

    should people under 21 be merried?

  2. sugz profile image72
    sugzposted 7 years ago

    depends on their maturity level, if they are grown up enough, and love each other then there is no reason for them not to.
    on the otherhand, if they are imature, pregnant and just doing it for the baby, NO..
    of course, they should be over 16 and very mature for their ages, but everyone is different. they have to be able to support themselves financially and emotionally and have at least lived together for a year or two first..
    honestly tho, there are very few who are mentally grown up enough to be married under 21 and last a lifetime.. it often falls apart within the first year. but like i said.. everyone is different smile

  3. steve8miller profile image81
    steve8millerposted 7 years ago

    Marriage in America is on the decline and has been for years now. So if you are under 21 and love each other and can stay together for life. Then more power to you.

  4. mister bytchy profile image64
    mister bytchyposted 7 years ago

    Marriage is an outdated concept, that is based on unrealistic expectations.  Humans cannot make reasonable decisions about the rest of their lives at any point...except maybe on their deatbeds.

    If you love someone you don't need a piece of paper, or an outdated law to make you stay with them. If you don't love them why should you be forced into misery and made to stay.  Shame on religion or society for wasting people's lives!