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What was your best ever yard sale find?

  1. soozeqsh profile image80
    soozeqshposted 6 years ago

    What was your best ever yard sale find?

    I love yard sales.  My latest best find was a sterling silver necklace for fifty cents (heavy weight with stones).  The jury is still out on whether the stones are diamonds.

  2. Hound Cat profile image61
    Hound Catposted 6 years ago

    Got an excellent deal on a Ben Hogan putter.  Five bucks!

  3. Jennie Demario profile image39
    Jennie Demarioposted 6 years ago

    I'm kind of a nerd so I am always scoping out electronics.  It's always great you find some wife trying to unload all of her husbands cool gadgets for cheap because she is sick of looking at them ! lol..  Uh, hunny have you seen my mp3 speakers??? oops lol

  4. profile image0
    nikashi_designsposted 6 years ago

    Found in a yard sale in Miami in a crappy frame, 5 small blockprints from Artist Ansie Uchima, all in mint condition, signed, dated, with series. In the back of the frame was a letter from him to the owner. Paid $7.00 for them all. Had them framed by a professional and two years later sold each one for $4500 for the five.

    Boston came across a box at a yardsale of 1st edition marbelized cover books, paid something like $40 and sold them all at the antique book store for $2300

    You can still find great stuff, just have to have a good eye and take some risk.

  5. jwalkerprice profile image60
    jwalkerpriceposted 6 years ago

    My parents found a limited run, signed C. Ford Riley painting (local artist, but $$) at an estate sale for less than half of what the local art gallery was asking. There are great finds at many garage sales, and if you have a little bit more to spend, estate sales are great as well.

  6. point2make profile image81
    point2makeposted 6 years ago

    I think my best find was a 15th century original wood block print from Dresden Germany.  A close second would be an original oil painting by N.Cooke, a New Zealand artist, of the battleship H.M.S. Hood. It was painted around 1924 and is probably my favorite  yard sale acquisition.

  7. onegoodwoman profile image76
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    I admire women who can win the garage sale game and look well dressed..........

    I just look like I dressed myself at a garage sale!

    But there was a pair of black flats that I found for a dollar several years back.

    Those shoes were so well fitted to my foot and so comfortable, that I changed shoes in the middle of the work day!  I litteraly wore those shoes out..........by far the best dollar that I ever spent.  I remember them 20 years later.

    I do not have the 'knack' for getting   good deals at garage or yard sales......still, that one buy sometimes encourages me to try it again!