Why are they still taking taxes out of my paycheck with the federal government s

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  1. TheHoleStory profile image77
    TheHoleStoryposted 5 years ago

    Why are they still taking taxes out of my paycheck with the federal government shut down?


  2. Alphadogg16 profile image90
    Alphadogg16posted 5 years ago

    This an excellent question TheHoleStory, unfortunately I do not have the answer. Another good question would be why is Congress still getting paid their 400K plus a year salaries when the Government is shut down. I'm interested in the answers.

    1. onceuponatime66 profile image61
      onceuponatime66posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Alphadogg16  you said it all!!!  What are the answers??

    2. Dee aka Nonna profile image75
      Dee aka Nonnaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Everytime I listen to the news I ask myself the same question....why are they still getting paychecks and benefits while everyone else is suffering.

    3. MarieAlana1 profile image67
      MarieAlana1posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Why is Speaker Boehner not even willing to let the voting go on? It's crazy... I tell you....

  3. Dee aka Nonna profile image75
    Dee aka Nonnaposted 5 years ago

    TheHoleStory....great question.   We may never know the answer(s) to any of what is going on.  I just think it is sad that these people are engaged in a p@$@ing contest at the expense of the American people.  Shows that they really don't care about anything or anyone except.  I, alone with you, will be watching closely to see if anyone can come up with a logical answer.....LOL

    1. onceuponatime66 profile image61
      onceuponatime66posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      DEE aks Nonna, you added great comments to this...I am along with you two on here big time, JACKIE smile

  4. tsadjatko profile image59
    tsadjatkoposted 5 years ago

    Government shutdown? That's a joke - only 17% of the Federal Government is shut down - the other 83% keeps on going no matter what...so if you want them to stop taking taxes you'll have to stop the other 83% or quit making money, which has been the present millions of unemployed have received from this administration killing jobs. The "good" news is the shut down has stopped the IRS from sending out tax refunds while still collecting your taxes! You want this to be the last government shut we ever see?  Just get them to pass a bill forcing congress and the administration to be the first to not be paid during government shutdowns...that would do it. They don't look out for the folks, just themselves and that is a fact.

  5. Rochelle Frank profile image93
    Rochelle Frankposted 5 years ago

    The "taking" part of the government is not shut down-- just the "giving" part.
    The part the applies to higher government officials is not AT ALL shut down. The part that affects the lower, more ordinary people is shut down.

  6. Billie Kelpin profile image84
    Billie Kelpinposted 5 years ago

    Respectfully, THS, "They" = "we" since we are a democratic republic and our elected officials are officials we chose. "They" are our representatives - and they represent the vast number of individuals who have voted and collectively elected "them". "They" are the collective "mindset" of America whether we've let those with money and power influence them or not, it is OUR responsibility.  Whether we were silent when "they" were elected, or apathetic, or uninformed, reflects the collective "us".

    "Taking" = fulfilling our obligations as citizens in a democracy. That is the structure of the country where we choose to live. What is "taken" is what "we" have agreed upon collectively.   

    If we want to change things, if we want to end people with money controlling whom we elect, if we feel the taxation laws are unjust, or that we're not accurately represented, "we" have to change it.  It's tedious, boring, time-consuming work to change laws or to change elected officials, but if we want changes in legislation, changes in our elected officials, we have to give up our apathy, give up our time, give up fear being looked down upon by those sit back and do nothing, give up our fear of being fired at work for unionizing or fighting against unions (whatever way you lean), give up our un-involvement.  We have to work for changes in the laws or legislators and if we can't change them, we have to accept them because that's who "we," as a nation, are.


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