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Updated on March 10, 2009

Boeing: aircraft co, 787 Dreamline airplanes company

I'll say that it is very apparent air travelers are acquainted with the name Boeing. Boeing and Airbus aircrafts have dominated the commercial airline industry for many, many years and they both have gone through bad times in past years.

However, Boeing is king of the hill it appears for the present, with their recent ground-breaking radical introduction of their lower fuel consumption light weight composite 787 Dreamline aircraft.

The financial problems Airbus was having in the past, it appears that it won't hurt them.

Sunday, July 8 2007 Boeing Commercial Airplanes rollout its Boeing 787 Dreamliner twin engine mid-size, wide body jet airliner.

Did you know that?

Depending on the different seating configurations, It will transport between 210 and 330 passengers. It is more fuel efficient than previous Boeing airliners and also the first major airliner to have the majority of its construction done with composite materials.

What do I mean when I say composite material?

The best primitive example of composite material I can give you is using straw and mud to build a small shelter, like they do in some third world country.

So composite material is using many engineered materials that bond with each other to make their structure better and stronger, but they retain their individuality when looked at under a microscope, like a human chain if you will.

Making consumer jets isn't the only thing that Boeing does, I wanted to make you aware of that. They have a large inventory of respected business jets. An to ensure that they produce the finest aircraft possible Boeing partnered with General Electric; who provide them with top of the line technology.

A lot of the older Boeing 737and Boeing 747 series airliners are converted Boeing business jets.

If you're looking for a large jet, you should consider these older outstanding refurbished jets. Many large business jets provide comfort and amenities that's incomparable to smaller business jets, travelers are offered the very best in business jet travel and seating is 25-50, optional.

Let’s travel back in time to some of your commercial airline flights, I’m not talking about first class, lets go to the back of the plane, coach, remember now?

Remember how cramp the whole experience was?

1. Seating

2. Bathroom

Well when it comes to Boeing business jets, that aint gona happen. I mention earlier that they were on a conversion rampage; and many of their business jet bathrooms are elegantly stylish with showers.

So let's say you're on vacation, or a business trip and you have a 3-6hr commercial flight the next day, so today you decide to take advantage of every minute, and you didn't get enough sleep.

O.K. follow along now coach people, here's your sleeping quarters, your seat, a tiny pillow, and a tin nylon blanket, sweet dreams.

And if you're in last row forget about the seat reclining.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

For the weary long distance traveler

Boeing business jet offer master bedrooms, individual bunks, information articles and a lot more.

More roomy luxurious accommodations are offered in the newer contemporary models. To hop around the country the two Google founders chose a converted Boeing 767-200.

Also drafted into the business jet service arena is the Boeing 777.

These planes are arranged not for maximum seating arrangement, but for soothing comfort. The capacity of the Boeing 777 is 365 passengers and you won't fine too many business travelers requiring that many seats; instead the space is used to make the traveler more comfortable.

The space provides additional amenities which make it a joy for long distance business jet travelers like:

1. Comfort

2. Space to move around

3. Office area

4. Beds

5. Business ebook

A number of modifications are based on the Boeing 747-intercontinental aircraft that's been around for decades. No doubt these planes can face the business jet challenge with their 467 passenger capacity, and 8,000 nautical miles (14,816 km) range. Imagine the amount of space that will be available for a traveling office after reworking the cabin.

Whether their sporting the newest modernization or maintaining the older proven designs, these business jets are all from Boeing. The name alone stands for premium engineering and the best stylish comfort achievable. I don't think Boeing would have it any other way.


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