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Earthquakes Today Censored (Event Deleted)

Updated on June 1, 2014

Monterey Earthquake

This is the screen capture I took from August 13, 2012 from
This is the screen capture I took from August 13, 2012 from | Source

Sea of Okhotsk

This is the screen capture of the 7.7 earthquake of the east coast of Russia.
This is the screen capture of the 7.7 earthquake of the east coast of Russia. | Source

Scientist Censored

In 2007 the (GAO) Government Accountability Office issued a report that said that a large majority of publicly funded scientist at agencies such as NASA and NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) were actually barred from publicizing their work not only with the media but other government agencies as well. This shouldn't come as any surprise to the public and yet a large majority of the public gets its news and information directly from the TV News and other media outlets.

At the USGS scientist have actually been issued a gag order and must get permission from the White House to release any information on recent earthquakes.

The GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, surveyed 1,811 randomly-selected researchers at three agencies. It found that 102 at NASA and 76 at NOAA have been barred from publicizing their research results. (This did not include those who were shut down for valid reasons, such as that the study did not pass technical muster.)

Since the public (tax payer) essentially foots the bill for this research, this kind of behavior is akin to hiring a plumber to fix your leaky toilet that will not talk to you at all about the problem or do any work even after you have paid them.

Global Incident Map 8-13-2012

I checked the Global Incident Map site last night just as I always do before going to bed and noticed that two significant earthquakes had occurred in the Ring of Fire. One off the coast of Japan in the Sea of Okhotsk, 7.7 on the richter scale and another off the coast of California, 5.3 on the richter scale.

Because some earthquakes have a tendency to 'disappear' within hours after they are posted, especially those in the United States, Canada and Mexico I used my Grab application and did a screen selection of both of them (they are pictured to the right).

The first time I noticed that an earthquake in the United States was deleted (censored) hours after being posted on the Global Incident Map, I didn't think too much of it, as it wasnt' that big (5.0 on the richter scale). The next time it happened and I noticed, it involved four earthquakes in central Canada that were over 6.0 and evidently I wasn't the only one that noticed that the USGS site had removed these earthquakes completely from their site.

Zeta Talk made mention of this as well as several other sites and had noted this practice by the USGS to remove earthquakes that were 5.0 or higher and/or downgrade the earthquake within hours of its first posting. I began to research this censorship and much to my dismay learned that the USGS (United States Geological Society) had been practicing this form of censorship since 2003, the year Nibiru Planet X entered our solar system, coincidence?!

Initially many had been lead to believe that the downgrading of earthquakes was a practice used to limit the amount of money disaster relief agencies such as the Red Cross and UNICEF gave countries and states, as they based some of their donation money on the richter scale of an earthquake.

It has been rumored for a long time that the USGS had downgraded their scaling system by one point to help in limited the funding of donations based on this scale however their true intent was to mislead the public on the severity of earthquakes in general as the amount and severity has increased dramatically.

The Powers That Be in this country and around the world have hoped to keep the public from becoming aware of the potential of rising Ocean levels and increased seismic activity in order to keep the infrastructure in all countries from collapsing and creating panic. As Oceans levels rise due to earthquakes and melting ice caps it creates flooding on all coastal areas throughout the World.

However as various government agencies and their employees become aware of this sensitive information it is impossible to keep them from sharing it with their families. That is why agencies such as NASA and the Military have been issuing warnings to their employees and families as early as 2003 and publicly since 2007.

Searching for this information on your own becomes problematic as agencies such as the USGS continues to revise and even delete important events that could help define what is happening to our country as well as the planet.

When Earthquakes today are censored and events deleted from web sites it creates panic, confusion and spreads fear among the public. This kind of censorship defeats the purpose behind it as the public then goes elsewhere for their news no longer trusting their government agencies to provide reliable information.

Revised USGS Earthquake Information

Following clues, reports and links I was able to track down this reference to the Monterey Earthquake that Global Incident Map first showed.
Following clues, reports and links I was able to track down this reference to the Monterey Earthquake that Global Incident Map first showed. | Source

USGS Deleted

As I continued to search for the revised information ultimately this is what I was lead to.
As I continued to search for the revised information ultimately this is what I was lead to. | Source

Northern California

Not sure where I found this but it clearly shows the earthquake in Northern California did happen.
Not sure where I found this but it clearly shows the earthquake in Northern California did happen. | Source

Greenland Ice Melt for 4 days in July-2012

This Stunning Graphic of the Greenland Ice Melt for 4 days in July should make anyone realize how much our climate is changing.
This Stunning Graphic of the Greenland Ice Melt for 4 days in July should make anyone realize how much our climate is changing. | Source

Planetary Emergency

Planetary Emergency issued by NASA

"Nearly the entire massive ice sheet that blankets Greenland suddenly started melting this month (July 2012), even its coldest places. In just a few days, the amount of thawed ice sheet surface skyrocketed from 40 percent to 97 percent."

This coupled with the dramatic increase in arctic ice melting will, according to NASA sources raise the Ocean levels world wide by as much as 7 meters or more than twenty (20) feet.

The reasons that all of this information hasn't been given in one complete News conference is so that TPTB can cover their asses while preparing to save their own. The public simple doesn't have the time nor inclination to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together by themselves and are still under the impression that they will be told by their governments if an apocalyptic cataclysm is forth coming.

“We welcome NASA’s ability to monitor the Arctic, yet statements there is no cause for concern are just ridiculous. I don’t accept this is a natural cycle; it is too coincident with Arctic sea ice melt, and what is happening to the Arctic in general. When the entire Greenland ice sheet’s surface melts in a few days, abrupt climate change has arrived, global ecosystem collapse has markedly intensified, and the human family clearly faces a global ecological emergency,” states Ecological Internet’s President and global ecological sustainability expert, Dr. Glen Barry.

Many sources have alluded to the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 as a way of misleading the public from the ever increasing seriousness of the seismic activity in the Ring of Fire and rising Ocean levels.

As humans world wide become vaguely aware of this upcoming date now almost four months off, they become less inclined to pay attention to the many warning signs all around them on a daily basis.

The Powers That Be use such events as the Mars Rover and the recently concluded Olympics to downplay and misdirect attention from the ongoing global crisis of climate change, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis and melting ice caps. Regardless of TPTB attempts to mislead the public, I will continue to help spread the word with articles such as Earthquakes Today Censored (Event Deleted).

The melting of Greenland's massive glacier in a matter of days was almost completely over-shadowed by Olympic coverage here in the United States and yet this event only happens historically every 150 years, the last time being in 1889.

"This was so extraordinary that at first I questioned the result: Was this real or was it due to a data error?" study team member Son Nghiem of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement.

The potential is not only devastating to Greenland and the surrounding environment but will significantly increase the Ocean levels world wide. As the Ocean levels rise and large earthquakes increase the potential for flooding on every coastline in the world increases dramatically.

Four Days

Showing the four days of glacial melting on Greenland.
Showing the four days of glacial melting on Greenland. | Source

Odd Coincidence

Has anyone else noticed the disinformation and censorship concerning earthquakes and extreme weather events?

See results

Disinformation and Censorship

What I find the most disturbing of all is the massive amount of disinformation, rumor and innuendo floating around on the internet. Without a doubt government agencies in this country (USA) and others are not forthcoming will reliable information such as the ongoing climate change, both Polar ice melting and the increase in larger and more destructive earthquakes.

The fact that the USGS has repeatedly deleted earthquakes today from their site I find most troubling, to me a clear indication they do not want the public to have access to this information. For me being able to track the movement of tectonic plates world wide may give an indication as to when the New Madrid Fault Zone, which is practically in my backyard, may adjust.

Censoring earthquakes today may very well lead to widespread panic tomorrow as those closest to the event will realize they are being lied and begin spreading the word on their own.

I can appreciate the need to keep the infrastructure of this country and others running smoothly, however by denying the public adequate information on the Polar Shift, large earthquakes and climate change may in itself create the panic they hope to avoid.

At the first sign that any of the events listed above will impact the daily lives of people living on the coast or any where else on the Planet, people will begin to move away from those areas en-mass. That scenario alone could cause major resource shortages such as food, water, shelter not too mention create conflict.

Just trying to find information on earthquakes and extreme weather that you know for sure has happened is extremely frustrating and leads to the publics confusion and fear on the subject. Earthquakes Today Censored (Event Deleted) I suspect will be an ongoing theme as the Polar Shift continues in 2012.


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