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GOP National Security Debate November 22, 2011

Updated on November 22, 2011

GOP National Security Debate November 22, 2011

Tonight November 22, 2011 the GOP nominees will debate National Security Issues. The GOP is the Party of National Security so this should be a very good debate. At least the GOP use to be the party of National Security or the old guard.

Given the USA is suppose to be pulling out of the Middle East it is hard for me to imagine what the GOP nominees will have to debate about except their concerns over Israel. But one can’t really be worried about Israel being effected by Iran given all of the USA’s major corporations reside within the boundaries of Iran. So if Israel goes to war with Iran it will be Israel going to war with corporate America. Not that it isn’t a possibility with all of the protests going on across the country but it will be a Middle Eastern war and not an American war. For me it is difficult to image why there are wars in the Middle East as they are all civil. Hebrew and Arabic are exceptionally close languages so close in fact if you understand one you can understand the other. Obviously there is no division between Arabs and Jews. So any conflict in that area of the world is a civil war which the USA does not involve itself in.

So I don’t know how relevant a debate about Israel will be.

And if they wish to debate the fence on the southern boarder of the USA, I will fall a sleep. Mexicans have been in American forever. There is a drug war which is worthy of debating but I watch the wall fall in Germany and I am wondering why in the world anyone would put another wall up but to see it come down. Walls in world history have served as boundaries of oppression.

I have written this before and I will write it again. I think it is a terrible strategical error to have so many debates. And the more Michelle Bachmann speaks the worse it is for the RNC.

I will try to summarize as it will be a long debate.



Ironically the debate was held at Constitution Hall in a country in which George Bush wiped his tush with the Constitution. And even more ironically is that Michelle Bachmann who has saidthe stupidest things I have ever heard come out of anyone's mouth running for office claims to be qualified to be President because she sits on the the Intelligence committee. She has just recently been appointed to this position and has used it to manipulate the truth while running for office.

The Heritage Foundation sponsored the debate which I believe Tom Delay founded. Wasn't he arrested? I seem to remember a mug shot of him. How is that getting away from cronyism in the Republican Party?

And isn't this more then the first debate on CNN?

American Enterprise Institute also sponsored for some reason I believed is backed by corporate America. So it is hard for me to accept anything the GOP candidates on the economy since CorporateAmerica is backing the debate.

Whoo!! More Patriot Act? Terrorism is mass murder and a criminal act not a National Security Issue. More over our country has decentralized intelligence agencies if anything we have more intelligence everywhere then in one place. Thank Goodness Ron Paul stood up for the American people's liberty and acknowledged terrorism infringes so badly on liberty for security.

Ron Paul argued against the police state the Patriot Act is making America. Michelle Bachmann claimed a greater understanding because she is she "in the know" because she is on the intelligence committee. Her condescension is her ruin. Huntsman had a very good answer for this as well. As someone who has also lived outside of the country his perspective is keen. I appreciate it as I have also lived outside the country but not as an Ambassador.

Romney had a really good answer for national security. Perry also had a good answer to get rid of TSA.

Too bad George Bush didn't wiped his tush with the Patriot Act. That would have made JEB's ascension to the executive branch more assured. But Perry wanted to extend the Patriot Act.

Rick Santorum is out. We had a lot fo domestic threats during World War II ask everyone in Hawaii and in Florida. And he wants profiling for Muslims and younger males.

Ron Paul makes a very good argument that a war on terror is too broad and has no meaning. It is a blank check for war.

Herman Cain claims targeted identification if the answer and for the Patriot Act he is refining the Patriot Act. And Herman Cain wants to kill all the terrorists. He called Wolf Blitz but then Wolf got him back and called him Cain.

Does anyone understand that targeting Muslims is impossible they are all over the world? And there are wonderful Muslim people and only a few terrorists.

Huntsman standing next to Bachmann said Congress needs term limits which I thought was wonderful.

Michelle Bachmann couldn't answer the question about Pakistan. Bachmann claimed Pakistan is too nuclear to fail. I wonder why Michelle Bachmann is so worried about a nuclear threat from around the world. Does she not know we can track nuclear weapons with satellites. Michelle Bachmann got really angry when she was accused of writing blank checks to Pakistan.

Romney we need to stay in Afghanistan. But Huntsman completely disagreed and wants to pull out of Afghanistan. Huntsman made an excellent argument explaining that we should rebuild out own country before building another country. But Romeny came right back around and argued with Huntsman but when he used the words "cut and run" and he sounded so much like te Bushes.

I like Romney but I also like Huntsman. And I like two Mormons going at each other that makes the debate interesting.

I think they are beating up on Pakistan pretty badly. I know peope from Pakistan. It is a huge country. A few bad apples doesn't make the people of Pakistan or Muslims bad. Corruption in Pakistan is probably bad but how is that any different then what is going on in America right now?

In my himble opinion the Americans can't worry about a threat aroudn the world or pay for intelligence around the world when in fact they don't have food on their tables for their children, homes or jobs.

Oh here we go with the pre-emptive strike on Tehran to avoid Iran getting a a nuclear weapon. Herman Cian would send the USA and Israel to definition with Iran. I don't know that conjecture should have been allowed as part of the debate. Rick Perry wants to sancution Iranian Central Bank. DOD buys oil from Iran for the wars. Again it is a ridiculous debate as American Corporations are in Iran. Michelle Bachmann ran on and on about what Iran says. She claims the threat to Israel is a reality.

Ron Paul had one of the best lines when he said, "We take money from our poor people to give it to foreign rich people.".

Romney was upset by the cuts to DOD spending.

Huntsman really did very well in this debate.

Newt has to give up that Chilean Social Security plan.

Amazingly nothing was said about illegal aliens 74 minutes into the debate. 88 minutes into the debate they mention securing the border but also giving free visas to people with Master's degrees whihc is amazing since American's with Master's degrees can't get jobs.

They also are afraid of Chavez and Castro which is ridiculous. And even Newt was irritated with how stupid Bachmann was. Alot of talk about Israel.

I think Huntsman won the debate and Romney didn't perform as well but Ron Paul had a few good lines.


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