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Republican Debate in Orlando Review

Updated on September 23, 2011

Republican GOP Candidates Orlando Debate

I had reservations about watching this debate as I feel nothing new will be said but I am going to provide a brief review for you so you don't have to watch the debate.

In all honesty I don't think it matter what any of these candidates say as actions speak louder than words. And if the Republicans don't work in DC I don;t think they should be rewarded with the office of the Presidency.

Because the candidates are making a lot of money running. Running pays well. And this is an election isn't about any candidate but about the people of this country and restoring their dignity and prosperity So let's see how much this debate is about you and how much it is about Republican's need to dominate.

The Two Horse Race

While none of the other candidates have dropped out it looks like this is realy a two horse race for the GOP nomination. It will either be Rick Perry who leads in the polls or Mitt Romney who will more than likely ask JEB to be his running mate. So I would expect these two candidates to go at each other more then the others. I realy don't know why Michelle Bachmann is still in the race besides it pays well.

I will review the candidates once more my readers.

And wait there was a last minute addition which I think he will have a problem getting out there since he is so late to the game.

Rick Perry


Mitt Romney


Jon Huntsman


Gary Johnson


Ron Paul


Herman Cain


Newt Gringrigh


Michelle Bachmann


Rick Santorum



This debate was much more focused and I liked the format. The word clouds were very helpful. Topics include E-verify, against foreign aid, pro-Israel, anti-gay, pro social security, against business subsidies, pro flat regressive tax and against illegal immigration. A lot of talk about state rights. I cringed literally when I heard Huntsman said the states need to experiment to provide healthcare. If big government doesn't work small government will not be any more effective. I have written an article about Isolationism and protectionism and the Republicans are very isolationists.

The format was good but there was nothing new except Gary Johnson and I am still wondering how long it will be before JEB announces. The mention of normalized trade relations means Cuba is in play. I feel like these are all great shows but if these candidates were serious they would have better advisors. For instance Ed Rollins is a pretty serious consultant. Michelle Bachmann did say that HPV shots were dangerous and she said a teenage girl was made retarded by the HPV shot. If Michelle Bachmann had ever hope to gain any votes she should have taken responsibility. But Bachmann dodged it and said it was a claim by a parent but she came across completely incredulous as if she was lying without a conscious. Bachmann was so negative and and torn into Obama so badly. For goodness sake Bachmann could have admitted she sinned and asked Jesus for forgiveness and that would have been more politically advantageous then what she did. And Bachmann isn't conservative so I don't know who she thinks she is fooling she voted against cut, cap and balance and caused the country to default. According to Bachmann Cuba is a statet sponsor of terrosim. For a pro business anti-tax person doesn't she realize how many American corporations are in Cuba? By that definition America is a state sponsor of terrorism. Yet another whopper by the whopper queen Ms. Bachmann. Poor Ed Rollins he will probably retire after Ms. Bachmann candidacy. Most presidential candidate are like thorough breed t the Kentucky Debry. Michelle Bachmann is a jack ass running into everything and everyone on the Derby track and Ed Rollins is her exasperated trainer. As for a raise Ed because Bachmann is not listening to you and you have a self defeating loser as presidential candidate. Ms. Bachmann would be much better off if she didn't try to play the intellectually superior card and lie everytime she opens her mouth. The American people know didn't even though Bachmann woefully counts on their ignorance. I doubt her own Mother will vote for her. I know I will not for certain.

I think Romney won this round. He actually made a joke which made him so like able in that moment and showed he had a personality which I think is his weakest point. As far as Romney being a flip flopper well all of them are floppers with the exception that they just want Obama out. Romney actually laughed at Gary Johnson's joke about his next door neighbor's dog creating more shovel ready projects then Obama.

I really think they need to hire some new talent. They need an injection of fresh blood in these campaigns because these politicians still haven't provided substantive policy to run on. A consumption tax is nothing more then a flat regressive tax. If this actually were to ever pass the entire USA economy would collapse. It is such a bad idea it makes me question whether or not the Republicans are actually really running.

I think Romney walked away a clear winner but I though Herman Cain came out pretty well too.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Jared Zane Kessis,

      Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read, respond and provide feedback.

      All My Best,


    • Jared Zane Kessie profile image

      Jared Zane Kessie 6 years ago from Richland, Washington

      I missed the debate and I have been searching online for a good take on it. I have to say, yours tops all the google news for this debate. I appreciate the breakdown of what happened. Great article!