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How did I contextualize the Kris-Joey squabble relative to our brand of partisan politics, feminism, etc.

Updated on May 9, 2011

Filipino brand of feminism

With regards to feminism, the situation of Kris and Joey reflects the exact opposite of what should an ideal Filipino brand of feminism is.  However, it is not a surprise for every Filipino that an Actor-actress must be in constant squabbles due to the fact that they are destined to act in way that defines all ideal concepts of what is conservative.

          With regards to partisan politics, the ideal thing that must happen in a family is that they should be in one roof, united in a group of political party.  However, the situation of Kris defies this ideal.  Her mother, former president Corazon Aquino is a very conservative woman.  Her expectations from her daughter clashes with the activities and self-inflicted situations entered into by Kris.

          Now, let me focus first on the situation of Kris.  When things go wrong you will always return where you should belong.  Now that she is in a vulnerable situation, the principle of “blood is thicker than water” will perfectly apply.  The love of parents, brothers and sisters shall be tested in this kind of situation.  The attitudes of Kris’s family of what had happened to her simply reflects the normal reaction of any person when things go extremely wrong.  Her mother Cory, may foreshadow the acts of the parent in the parable of the prodigal son.  No matter how defiant a child is if she realized her mistakes, no hardened hearts that will not be soften; especially if you are a loving parent.

          The principle of “what you sow is what you will reap” may also apply to what had happen in between the lives of Kris and Joey.  The cumulative effects of the ethically defiant attitude they have done have probably reach its limit and maybe it is now the time to reap the consequence.  Unfortunately, and most often this is what it should be, they ended up fighting and bickering; worse many are affected. 

          In my final analysis, what they (Kris and Joey) only lack is respect.  If the word respect will be applied properly by every person then an extreme squabble, to the point of court litigation and so on maybe minimized if not eliminated.  After all, they say that nobody is perfect.  Below are list of principles that focuses on respect.

          RESPECT What Can Women Do?

            ó Have and maintain SELF-RESPECT

            ó Make clear what you allow to be said and done in your presence

            ó Set proper boundaries of acceptable conduct and speech

            ó Do not try to compete with men in the field of obscenity and dubious jokes; it makes              you less a lady and does not make them gentlemen

            ó Do not dress provocatively, regardless of what the current fashion might be; the way   you dress shows your own degree of self-esteem

            ó Earn respect by your comportment; treat men with the respect you expect from them

            ó Do not be flirtatious


            RESPECT What Can Men Do?

            ó Treat all women with respect and dignity; do not feel threatened by an assertive           woman

            ó Do not be overly familiar with one not your wife, using uncalled-for terms of affection

            ó Avoid off-color jokes and suggestive stares

            ó Do not be overly complimentary, and avoid inappropriate touching

            ó Do not belittle or undermine her work or her person

            ó Consult, listen, and communicate in an objective way

            ó Express appreciation for the woman’s work

          IF WOMEN are to be respected more than at present, when and where must the change begin? Well, when and where do biases and prejudices usually form? At home and at school, during the formative years; We develop our attitudes to a large extent under parental influence. So who, logically, can have a powerful effect on the future attitudes of young men toward women? Obviously, the father and the mother are the keys. One of the keys to the problem therefore is proper education that can penetrate homes and influence parents.


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