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How to Throw a Nice Baby Shower

Updated on May 9, 2011

Life is indeed like a book it is filled with chapters and as soon as a part is culminated another one is set to unfold. Just many moons ago, your sister or your best friend just celebrated her much-awaited debut where you spent a lot of time helping in the preparation and digging deeper into your brilliant mind coming out with valuable ideas. For sure you also spent a lot of time watching your friends fulfilling their duties in the debut like the 18 roses so as to speak.

Life is indeed like a sequence of phases happening one after the other, when the debut is over courtship begins. Love is the theme of the game now and it will indeed give you a smooth feeling seeing special persons in your life having a time of their life – being in love and being loved.


Then after the wooing chapter the wedding phase commence, which had you using your ample time (and even money) at the gift registry. The wedding day is perhaps one of the most memorable days to treasure on the part of your bosom friend or sis, as it is filled with revered rituals and plenty of romantic moments.

After a while, the fruit of love emerges and a baby shower looms. If your sister or best friend is about to conceive a bundle of joy, an unusual baby shower will bring in solid bonding and immense elation. Throwing baby shower need not lavish and extravagant, though you will need a bit of out-of-the-box approach to make it very memorable and extra special.


Here’s how to throw a baby shower to make your sister or best friend that is about to have a baby :

The look and feel. The baby is of course has no idea what the baby shower will look like so you will have to mind the mommy as far as what kind of surrounding you would like to project in the celebration is concern. Bear away from ubiquitous colors such as sky blue and pink instead just concentrate on making the surrounding filled with pastel colors. This way you will able to create an environment which is upbeat and playful. You might opt to use some crafty decors but keep in mind not to go overboard. A one or two teddy bears can make a cheerful and bubbly atmosphere but you need to strategically place them.

The mood. The baby shower can be a lot more casual where guests are given the privilege to eat even with their hands whilst they seat handily. You can also play relevant music to make the atmosphere even more cheery.

Here is the list of songs that might help you create a “baby” atmosphere with your baby shower:

Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey)

Baby (Justin Beiber)

Baby Baby (Amy Grant

Baby, Baby, Baby (TLC)

Baby Come Back (Player)

Baby, I Love Your Way (Big Mountain)

Baby Love (The Supremes)

Be My Baby (Vanessa Paradis)

Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)

Hey Baby (No Doubt)

Twist and Shout (The Beatles)

Sweet Child O' Mine (A rock song from Guns and Roses)

Avoid dull moments by coming up with ice breakers like stirring everyone’s minds with a series of Q and A like “What would you do if your child grows up?” Every would-be parent will appreciate fresh suggestions and point of views. You can also dish out baby shower games to add further excitement to the celebration.

Baby shower games ideas from YouTube.


The Food. It is already a customary to have cupcakes in baby showers and it is about time to be erratic and different. Why not serve foods that are baby versions of the regular food. You may serve mini-burgers, mini-sandwich, fruit shots (in smaller glasses) and the like. These little treats will surely give amusement to your guests.


The invitations. E-mail is commonly used nowadays, but invitations whipped up with personal touch can make the recipients more significant. Try to search on the web for some baby shower invitations to cut short your preparation and to save time and effort. Your visitors and even your guest of honor will surely be glad with this.

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