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Most People Suffer From Short Term Memory Loss and Selective Memory (a political edge)

Updated on June 1, 2013

Memory loss and selective hearing

selective hearing and memory loss when it comes to campaign promises and lies are now common place in our society
selective hearing and memory loss when it comes to campaign promises and lies are now common place in our society | Source


Political Truth or Lies? Do we even know where that separation is any more? We tell lies as truth and truth as lies. The more we tell the same lies, the more we believe them as truth.

Most people suffer from short term memory loss and selective memory syndrome when it comes to politics, and politicians on their empty campaign speeches:


As i watched the news last night, i was flabbergasted about what i heard.

It is increasingly difficult for me to fathom the mental state of the American people today. Have we totally lost our minds, lost our perspective, lost our sense of right and wrong, or simply suffer from short term memory loss? Or the selective memory syndrome?

The following poll certainly makes my point for me. It is 50/50. Amazing. But i suspect the rationale behind this phenomenon is that the majority of people do not follow the news, or politics, on a regular basis. They simply tune them out of their lives, out of their minds, and their memories. When troubles creep into our lives we lash out at whoever is in charge to assign the blame to, without any thoughts about taking some personal blame for our own personal misfortunes.

Here we find ourselves less than one month from one of the most important Presidential elections in our history (November 2012) and the majority of people simply do not know either one of these candidates and what they stand for. This phenomenon is certainly not confined to this particular election process. It is true of all campaigns for public office. This is truly an American shame.

But this is exactly what the GOP/tea party is banking on to win this election - if there is, in fact, any honesty left in our electronic election process at all. We have had a Congress that has vowed to destroy this president at any cost from day one of his inauguration, and have been successful at their threats (or promises) which ever view you are inclined to take.

They have blocked every single effort of this president and the Democratic process to make our economy better, improve jobs, make any steps toward cleaner energy sources, block every attempt to make this planet less polluted, and to insure that the top 1% continues to make record profits for their shareholders.

While many jobs have been lost, and many average Americans lost their homes, and have had their lives destroyed due to the bad economy, the wealthiest of this country have enjoyed record profits at the expense of the average person, the elderly, the poor, and all minorities.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the GOP over the past 4 years has been to maintain the big oil companies billions of dollars in profits by salvaging their incentives that should have been removed many years ago.

On 3/28/2012 when a bill was introduced by the Democratic party to remove these 3+ billions of dollars in annual incentives, the GOP defeated it in the House: 59 to 47.

There was not much attention given to this by the press. Apparently not sensational enough. Nor the fact that the GOP/tea party introduced over 1500 bills in the House that were against women - banning abortion, banning contraceptives, denying equal pay for women and banning the use of the word "uterus" in the house. Plus many more that included banning the words "gay" and "homosexual" in public schools, purging American voters lists around the country based on race, nationality, age, and party affiliations, busting unions, defeating all jobs bills passed by the Senate, etc.., etc...

And yet, here we are on the brink of the worst disaster in American political history - and the two presidential candidates are running neck and neck in this race for the control of our government. Such mass stupidity is overwhelming and totally disheartening.

The American people will get exactly what they (we) deserve for the lack of interest, apathy, and their "memory losses" and "selective memories" over the past 4 years.


Do you truly remember the state of this country in November 2008?

See results

Watch the videos below, and then think about how you answered the poll question.


Just a brief reminder: What have the Liberals done versus what the Conservatives have done?

The main stream media prefers to air only the negative about both parties.

The accomplishments, and progression, seem to be of little interest to the American people.

The underhanded way to sell more products, promote themselves first, promote greed as a national theme, and keep the American people riled up and at each others throats, is.

There is little truth left in politics or religious teachings, and there is no profit in positive news, legitimate businesses, peace and tranquility, fair trade, capitalism without corruption, or anything else that might bring our world back to a positive state of mind.

Statistically, there is no significant increase in crimes, drug use/abuse, sexual deviance, assaults, physical/mental abuse, murder, robbery, or any other types of abhorrent social behaviors.

When this is the only thing we see plastered across every T.V. set, on the news, reality T.V., sitcoms, documentaries or any other type of public media, it becomes an unrealistic view of what we seem to have become.

These things sell. Sensationalism sells. They are promoted to get the attention of people. These awful and terrible things make us more wary of each other. They make us more distrusting, more intolerant, and increase our stress levels, increase our hatred for other people who are different from us, or have different beliefs than we do.

The political parties twist the truth, to outright lie, about facts, statistics and sensationalize trivial things, common and natural differences between people in order to promote their own agendas.

Who sleeps with who really has no bearing on anyone else in society. But airing our disdain, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and dirty laundry in public does impact society in a profound and negative way.

The truth really does not matter any more. There is NO PROFIT in truth, dignity or decency.

We have become a society with only one God prevailing: and that is the God of Greed and self serving.

We are a society obsessed with hate.

Love is only for the deserving. But are their any truly deserving left? When did we change from the concept of: "LOVE thy neighbor" to "HATE" they neighbor?" or "Do unto others 'before' they do unto you"?


We tell lies as truth, and truth as lies - and no one knows the difference anymore. And when we tell the same lies over and over again we tend to believe our own lies as truth.

We must not let ourselves deny, or suppress, the truth for political pandering. We cannot afford to go backwards to the way things were.

by: d.william 3/20/12


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south


      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Your comment make me laugh out loud. It was not meant as a 'bait and switch', as you imply, but i can see how one who is not familiar with my articles might think so.

      You state that you remember a great deal about 2008, but only what interested you - THAT is exactly my point.

      People tend to belief what they hear, and that makes for some very dangerous political B.S. that is going on today. The lies, innuendos, and half truths that politicians voice as facts are easily believed by those who have no idea what they are referencing in the past, because we do not take the time to listen, expect to only hear truth, and are in denial about the corruption in our government.

      The reference to "aging" in terms of short term memory was only incidental in the article, but shows that not only aged, pre-senile seniors suffer from this phenomenon. We tend to hear only what we want to hear whether it is true or not. So this article belongs in any group where selective hearing and selective memory is prevalent.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south



      Thanks for reading and your comments. You have identified the problem by saying we only know what is going on in our own personal lives. This is sad but too true. And the very reason why all these political lies, corruption and takeover of our government is being done so effortlessly and insidiously by the 1% (namely the greedy, money hungry, power crazed few that want to recreate the world in their own images).

      Everyone complains about "the system" failing us, but no one wants to make an effort to get involved, voice our opinions, and foster a change in public policy.

      Most people have the attitude that "if it does not personally affect me, then it really doesn't matter".

      By the time it does affect us personally it is too late to stop, or at least makes it much harder to counter the effects.

      And then we blame everyone else except ourselves.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      always exploring:

      Thanks for commenting. I truly hope that you are correct when the November elections roll around. I can not even imagine any woman, Spanish person, GLBT member, middle class worker, poor person, college student, or other group members currently under attack by the G.O.P., who would be voting for their radical ideas, views, and religious buffoonery.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I remember, and i won't forget. The Bush era will forever be in my psyche. There are millions of us, and we will be the first in line to vote for President Obama..

    • drbillfannin profile image


      7 years ago from Atlanta

      None of us really know the state of the nation because there is so much mis-information. It doesn't matter what happened in 2008 or what is happening now, because none of us know. All we know for sure is what is happening in our personal lives. Personally, everyone "I know" is MUCH WORSE OFF than they were in 2008. The ones that haven't lost jobs, homes, cars, and lots of other stuff have suffered from higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher medical costs, higher insurance costs, and all sorts of other stuff.

      Politicians always lie or distort the truth to further their own agendas. The media outlets always spin stories to help support their agendas. Ministers always tell congregations what they want to hear so the churches get more members and contributions, and on it goes. People who tell the truth are persecuted and attacked as liars.

      I remember exactly what my life was like back in 2008. I also know what was going on with my family and friends. As for the rest of the country, I have no idea. All I know is that we have been lied to.

    • MobyWho profile image


      7 years ago from Burlington VT

      Sorry, but I expected a Hub on the medical side of aging, not a bait and switch turning into a political pitch. Furthermore, I don't feel there is a viable answer in the poll. My answer would be I remember a great deal about the state of the country in November 2008, but only that which interested me; i.e. where I was living; how far the stock market dropped; Iran's attitude towards the U.S.; hope that the new administration would be able to fix all the problems.

      I guess what I'm saying is - your Hub is mistitled - it belongs in politics and not aging.


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