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Rock Star Indian Prime Minister At Madison Square Garden

Updated on September 28, 2014

Madison MODI-fied


IACF and Madison Square Garden

The speech of Indian Prime Minister at Madison Square Garden was expected to start on and from 11 a.m. in US which meant 8.30 p.m. in India.This event would have been anchored by former Miss America Nina Davuluri(the first Indian American to be crowned so) and a popular Indian-origin news anchor Hari Sreenivasan. Modi was planned to be giving his lecture on a rotating podium.This speech would be live telecast with English subtitles on giant TV screen at Times Square in New York city out side the avenue as well as in IACF website.This reception was supposed to cost about $ 1.2 m. Dr Bharat Barai was one of the main organizer of the show.According to him , “People will start arriving early morning because we have to move around 18,000 people through security and it will be airport grade security, because there are also going to be 40-50 Congressmen and senators,” he said. It will be telecast live on the website of the Indian American Community Foundation , TVAsia., Doordarshan etc. Modi would meet Jewish community leaders and Governor Nikki Haley of Indian-American South Carolina.

Indian Americans were supposed to have poured into the Madison Square Garden, the venue.The top Indian CEOs of the biggest global companies, including Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, Shantanu Narayen of Adobe, Ajay Banga of MasterCard, and Kamesh Nagarajan of Morgan Stanley were expected to ornament some chairs for listening to Modi’s speech at Madison Square Garden.20000 tickets had then been sold by Indian-American Community Foundation.

Jeevan Zutshi’s Observation About Modi :-

Jeevan Zutshi, co-founder of the Indian American Community Foundation ,said ,“Mr. Modi has really reinvigorated India.We need someone like him to change the impression people have of the country.”“It hurts when we look at India and we see the same thing.” he added to show his resentment for a poor dismal ,corrupt picture of past India. He said, ”May be we’re putting too much expectation on his shoulders, but in Modi, we have a charismatic person who isn’t into building an empire for himself or his family, he wants to do something for India.”

Indian American Community Foundation :-

Indian American Community Foundation is a not-for-profit promoting cooperation between the United States and India.It advances the shared values of democracy.It includes economic development and mutual respect between these two great democratic countries.This programme was organized by Indian American Community Foundation .The costs of the event was covered by contribution from the general public.


Madison Square Garden
New York, NY.
Entrance located on 7th Avenue
between 31st and 33rd Streets. Sunday, September 28, 2014
Doors Open: 8:30 am
Event Starts: 11:00 am

Website :-

Gate opened on and from 8.30 a.m. One needed a ticket and a photo identity to enter Madison Square Garden. Lottery winner needed a copy of the confirmation email to pick up his/her ticket. Gate was closed strictly at11 a.m.

Allowed and Not Allowed

Cell Phones,small purse which could only contain a phone for women,item for men which fitted in their pockets were allowed. It was requested to leave their food and drinks outside the venue.

Bag or large purse,laptops, cameras, recorders, iPads, tablets, or any other electronic equipment ,backpacks, bags, strollers, umbrellas or other items, additional items inside, food and drinks (including water) were not allowed .Madison Square Garden had no coat check or place for keeping belongings. There was concession stands inside the stadium to provide various fast food items and drinks for purchase.

Modi in Madison


Nina Davuluri
8.30 a.m. (US)

Nina at Madison Square Garden

First Time An Indian origin Nina Davuluri has been crowned with Miss America
First Time An Indian origin Nina Davuluri has been crowned with Miss America

Speech of Modi at Madison Square Garden

Crowd were excited, they had started streaming in at Madison Square Garden inside and outside the avenue. Ms America Nina Davuluri was anchoring the show. At first a ‘garba’ ,a Gujrati dance was being in act. A group of 16 girls with 5 boys were performing the dance at 8.30 PM in India.Then the song ‘I love my India’ from the Hindi film Pardesh was sung by renowned playback singer Kavita Krishnamurthy with violinist Dr L Subramaniam .Then at 8.52p.m. in India she sang a favorite Bhajan of Mahatma Gandhi, "fusion version" of "Vaishnav jan to". Then the United Nation Politicians who were present there to hear him ,were declared at about 9.32 p.m. Audience , dignitaries sang the US national anthem. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Madison Square Garden breaking the curiosity and excitement of the audience at 9.42 p.m. IST .All were so excited with the arrival of Modi that they were catching photos and videos with their mobiles. The Prime Minister was then waving his hands to the crowd who had been waiting patiently for his arrival. US national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" was sung by an artist.Then Indian national anthem "Jana Gana Mana" was sung.

Modi Said :-

9.56 p.m. was the moment of a breaking beginning as Modi started his speech with "Bharat Mata ki Jai". "Modi! Modi!" being chanted . Modi greeted his Indian diasporic citizen. ‘’ There was a time India was known as a land of snake charmers. If you were not there, the perception would have stayed.’’

Modi said to members of Indian-American community, “Through your actions and values you have earned immense respect in USA. You may not have voted in 2014 but am sure when results were coming, you didn't sleep & celebrated . Many of you came during the (Lok Sabha) election campaign. I couldn't thank you then but I thank you today. Winning elections is not about any post or chair. It is a responsibility. Since taking over, I haven't even taken a 15 min vacation . I am aware that you all have several expectations from India. Even the people of India are expecting a lot from the government. My government will meet 100% of the expectations of the people. We are a young nation but with an old culture. India will progress rapidly and the skills of our youth will take our country forward.”

Come and participate in "Make in India" project. The cost of travelling in a taxi in Ahmedabad is Rs 10 per kilometer. We have reached Mars in just Rs 7 per kilometer. We have given importance to skill development. We created a separate ministry for skill development. My government’s emphasis is on skill development. India has 3 unique things for progress. PM We want to make development .PM Mahatma Gandhi made the freedom struggle a mass movement. Every Indian felt that yes, I am also a part of the freedom struggle. Good governance is critical if a nation has to progress. There is no reason to be disappointed. India will progress very fast and the skills of our youth will take India ahead. I won’t let you sleep. There should be not even a single person in India who does not have a home of his own by 2022.

PM Mahatma Gandhi never compromised on cleanliness. He gave us freedom. We should give him a Clean India .I want to build toilets in the country. I have come here from a small work like selling tea .I was born in a small family so I have an interest in doing small things like this.

When I took office (as PM), there were reports that government officials have started reaching office on time. This broke my heart as such was the state of our nation that officials reaching office on time becomes news.I request you all to look at MyGov. Please visit the website and see how you can get involved. You can connect with 'Make in India' project through a simple tap on their phones and laptops. You can also connect with us on our website to connect with the government.

This time the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas will be held at Ahmadabad. come to India during the event. PIO card holders- they have lot of visa issues. We decided they will get lifelong visas. Those who stay in India for long have to go to police stations too. They won't have to do that now. Within a few days India will merge PIO and OCI schemes and make it one. He promises the audience to build a new and prosperous India. Narendra Modi concludes his speech with "Bharat Mata ki Jai".

He thanked the audience and said ,” In my knowledge no Indian politician received such kind of love .”


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