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The Poor Rich Man!

Updated on June 21, 2010

Oh- there's nothing to see here!

You might skip this hub altogether.

This hub isn't the fluff you're probably looking for!

I may have pointed out a flaw with Capitalism. If you are an honest businessman then God bless you.

If you are not an honest businessman with an adherence to the Golden Rule then may God, Allah, Karma "lay hands on you"!

It was pointed out recently by another hubber that I may not be as sensitive to the "rich" as I could be. I have to admit that I was unaware of the plight of the rich and powerful. I realize that these times can be hard on the rich and powerful. After all they are "outsiders" to most of us. There numbers are few. Sure they control the stock market. Sure they control our courts. Sure they control the legislature. Sure they control the presidency. Sure they control the military. But- does anyone think it's easy to displace indigenous tribes that live on lands that contain resources valuable to the rich and powerful. Don't people know they shouldn't live on this land that the rich and powerful want? The rich and powerful don't really want to kill so many people and move them off their land. But the R & P realize that some people just don't want to move.

Jim Rogers: Socialism for the Rich.

The Poor Rich Man

I’m so sorry that you’re rich.

And have so much to pay!

What a burden that must be.

Please let me take your burden away!

You have to heat such a big house.

You even have a high maintenance spouse.

I feel so sorry for you and your cronies,

Having to fox hunt on your polo ponies!

It must be hard for the help to help.

Allow me to ease your pain!

You can have my refrigerator box.

I’ll try to ride your gravy train.

I never knew you had it so hard.

All that lawn to mow in your yard!

And the help require so much pay!

I’m sure you provide each with an IRA!

Your time is so tight.

You eat out every night!

I hate to see you in such pain!

Please let me relieve you of your ill-gotten gain!

It must be hard to live there on Easy Street!

Where all the money in the world can’t make the ends meet!

I’ve been such a cad! I feel like a fool!

I’m farting in my tub and you’re peeing in your pool!

If the truth came to light,

You steal worse than a thief in the night

I’m so sorry that you’re rich,

You sorry son of a 8!tc#!

Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism

A blithering idiot posted this comment on a recent hub:

"when I read welfare for the rich, I got some throw up in mouth and stopped reading, The rich pay 95 percent of the taxes in this country, they build the business that gives jobs to 95 percent of this country, they grow business that 95 percent own stock in thru one form or another, CAPITALISM built this great country, why don't you and your silly friends go play elsewhere."

Oh really- you stupid rhetoric spewing fool!!!

It's really sad that that an idiot like you has to defend them!!!

Educate yourselves! Watch the videos on this hub.

Gather information!

Make intelligent decisions!

Unplug from the matrix!

The Dalai Lama - Capitalism, Socialism, and Income Inequality

Paul Krugman - Income Inequality and the Middle Class


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