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Why Americans Hate Shovel Ready Projects as an Economic Recovery Stradegy.

Updated on June 3, 2013

Why Americans Hate Shovel Ready Projects


As American We Hate Shovel Ready Projects

We hate shovel ready projects because they are a euphemism for more money disappearing out of DC and shovel ready projects usually mean more pay offs to middle eastern oil companies which we are suppose To be cutting economic ties. In America our roads are made form asphalt which is a buy product of the oil industry. So we pay more money to oil companies for by products when gasoline is $4 a gallon. All I can think is that CBO has alot of financial interests in middle eastern oil if they have recommend shovel ready projects to revamp the roads in America. Why but more roads from oil companies who are charging an arm and a leg for gasoline at almost $4 a gallon. We all know Vermont is on biofuels. Why is the rest of America suffering? Gas is inflation to the Nth degree in a world trade model.

How does paying the money addicted middle east more US money actually help the USA economy recover. Hasn't DC figured out that the reason the economy has collapsed is the exceptionally high cost of gasoline? Or perhaps they should own they have a flat regressive tax on gasoline and all other commodities making it impossible for the average person to survive. Even worse hasn't the Middle East figured out that eventually their ill gotten gains will be taken from them just like America did to Saddam?

The USA government has stood up and blamed the middle east from everything from high oil prices to terrorism. Why would they ever want to fund shovel ready projects thereby funding the axis of evil/terrorists in the Middle East? I thought Obama promise to get away from all of this? And maybe relationships with the middle east would normalize if the USA leaders didn't speak so ill of the Middle East while taking Oil Company contributions to their campaigns.

So America hates shovel ready projects because it is yet another symptom of the disease called corruption in DC. It represents yet another lie told to us by our leaders. And it amazes me that DC doesn't realize we see right through all their tricks.

Let's make roads out of something else besides oil by product. I believe it is entirely possible and we can also make tires out of something else besides oil as well as plastics. And then where would the politicians and the middle east be?

I guess another symptom of the disease of the DC crowd is they think they are smarter then the rest of us out here and if they weren't they would be out here. They are only in government because they are weak. I guess you can't change the nature of DC but if they don't have anything to pander to the American people they lose. Quite frankly DC has lost all credibility and is out of money.




Now there isn't one show that has anything positive to say about Iran in years and yet we are paying them millions and millions of dollars for oil each year. As a matter of fact we buy most of Iran's oil up so they have to rely on Nuclear energy. Iran and Israel don't get along. And yet we keep funding Iran and we fund Israel. No wonder no one has any money in this country. We keep trying to fund a civil war in the middle east to increase the priced oil.

Americans wonder who in DC works for themselves, a Middle East country, or for the people who they have sworn to to serve.

What can be known for certain is that POTUS and the current Democratic Party has absolutely no intention of ending their addiction to Middle Eastern Oil Campaign financing.

UPDATE: I actually was friends with an oil company employee who lived in Iran for quite several years recently. That country has a wonderful youth population that is not secular. It is a nation of oppressed individuals but individuals is the key word. Oil companies know that it is only a matter of the before all countries switch to biofuels as they are cheap and abundant. The├┐ are paying the auto industry and politicians to keep us on Middle Eastern Oil as possible possible. But Benghazi should have changed this administrations attitudes towards oil consumption. And an economy based on standard tankard which wiliberate rally collapse our economy. We have jets that now fly without fuel. This is within our grasp and this country is ready to make the conversion. The question is Why hasn't the leadership been there to move us to biofuels. We can disengage from the Middle Eastern civil war and make progress all while decreasing the inflation which has destroyed the middle class.

And yet, we will not. Instead we will pay more money to greedy oil companies at the expense of our brothers and sisters in arms when their is a far easier and cheaper solution. We can be an entirely self contained country without interference fervency if we simply convert to biofuels.

America doesn't want to spend anymore money on gasoline And that is why we hate shovel ready products.


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