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Isn't the RNC giving up the American Way by thrashing a pres candidate, and trying to force

a brokered convention. Isn't it one thing for a brokered convention to be determined by the voters at the primaries, and caucuses, but isn't it another when the RNC gangs up to change the campaign arena, as they have done with Trump. The American Way would be to let the voters decide without the bias of the RNC. Those that believe in the staunch conservatism will not vote for an anti candidate, such as Trump. But, it would be the voter's independent opinion for that vote. This is different than the RNC calling on all their loyal party voters (sheeple) to vote the RNC view. The RNC is exerting


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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19 months ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 19 months ago

    What I find interesting is no one really cared about the ?

    Thanks for caring.