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    In the book GENERATIONS: THE HISTORY OF AMERICA'S FUTURE, 1584 TO 2069 by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe,  it predicted that there would be growing schism and verbal war between liberal and conservative factions in America from the late 20th to early 21st centuries.   Both authors contended that during this time, there will be a wide split between modernist and traditional factions over many key sociopolitical issues.   

    What Messrs. Strauss and Howe stated about the issue is coming into fruition.   Liberal and conservatives are in disagreement over issues such as income parity, reproductive rights, family values, and educational issues.    Sometimes the discussion, rather disagreement between liberals and conservatives can become quite vitriolic at times.   Oftentimes, liberals and conservatives will refuse to compromise and concede pertaining to key social issues.     In your estimation, what about the other faction really irksYOU and why?

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      An excellent question. 

      For me, it's not the elected Republican and Democratic officials who irk me (though maybe a little with their refusal to work together and since when did 'compromise' become a dirty word!).  My issues with our current divide is that we, as Americans, sit around and complain about the current bipartisan system yet when it comes time to vote, we only consider two parties!

      If we're really sick of this system and these political divides, why don't we start considering all the other candidates?  If all of eligible voters voted (they estimate that only 1/2 do now), think of the change we could create in our country.  No longer would we have party members siding with each other for no other reason than they belong to the same party.  The dialogue would open up!

      So, I suppose it's the American people at large who irk me as we perpetuate circumstances we hate!

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        Many people are quite comfortable with the two party system.   However, the two party system practices politics as usual.    Many Democrats and Republicans view politics as a game and a career move.    There are those who want a different way of approaching things.  They want a grassroots movement of people who are sincerely interested in the reformation of the United States.   There are some who are totally disgusted with the way both the Democrats and Republicans are running things. 
        Yes, there is a growing schism between Liberals and Conservatives regarding pertinent, key issues but the majority of them want an improved America.