Justice delayed is NO JUSTICE GIVEN.

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    atglanceposted 4 years ago

    What more can one ask for than the right time to drop a note on this burning issue of our country.

    Recently, we have seen the sentence being given to all the five convicts in the Delhi gang rape case. It would have blown anyone  out of their mind with the time the Indian judicial system took to announce the verdict of the inhuman act of these men. The formation of fast track court is initiative of its own kind. We truly salute the Judi'sys for all the effort it has made in making all these changes. Not only that , getting these changes to take effect.

    But before I go gala over our courts and judicial practices, the news of Sanjay Dutt's being sentenced to judicial custody for 5 years hit me. And the very first thing which hit my mind was...when did the crime happen....Sorry I was only 6 when it occurred  and have an awful memory.

    So a person has been sentenced for a period of 5 years in Jail for committing a crime nearly 20 years back ? Are these statistics right or are they just mere creation of my own mind. I took out the newspaper and hell yeah...I was right. I don't think 5 years of imprisonment is wrong but declaring it after 20 long years is certainly an act not justified. What should also be taken into consideration is how good or bad has the person behaved in the last two decades. Does he have any new charges pressed against him ? Who all the dependents ? How will their life change after he starts serving his term? And many more questions which the court needs to answer.

    But the focal of all the issues still points to the same line which starts with -- Has it come after 20 years and the answer will still be a YES.