To those from Texas, Arizona, and California, how is the INFLUX of

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago
    illegal immigrants hurting your respective communities?  The influx of illegals are having a disparate impact mostly in Texas, Arizona, and California.  Many Texans, Arizonians, and Californians are reporting how the influx of illegals are negatively impacting their communities.  Many Texans, Arizonians, and Californians are reporting that their property is being destroyed and the increase of crime in their respective neighborhoods.  Naturally, many Texans, Arizonians, and Californians are protesting against this influx of illegals and are quite fearful as to what is happening to their communities.   Let's hear YOUR voice and concern regarding this matter.

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      Old Poolmanposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I live in Arizona near the border with Mexico and the problem you describe is not a new problem.  It is steadily become worse as more and more illegals are entering our country believing if they are here they will get amnesty.

      Some of these illegals are just hard working people looking for work that is non-existent where they come from.  Really no different than someone in our country moving from one state to another state to find work except a state to state move is legal.

      Others are cartel members smuggling huge amounts of drugs into our country to sell.  They make millions of dollars with drugs and smuggling humans across the border into the USA.

      Ranchers on the border have been killed trying to stop these very bad people from using their property as a highway into Arizona.  The smugglers cut their fences, leave huge mounds of trash for the rancher to clean up, and steal everything they can get their hands on that is not chained down.

      The border patrol has apprehended persons from Yemen and places like that mixed in with groups of illegals from Mexico.  These individuals are not looking for work picking fruit or melons.

      The Border Patrol tries their best but is handicapped by our own government limiting what they can do to protect our own border.  In some cases they have apprehended the same individual so many times they know him by name.

      While many will deny it, these illegals pack our hospital emergency rooms for free medical care.  They come to this country to give birth for two reasons.  The child birth is free and the baby is automatically a US Citizen.

      Our border is not fenced as this administration would have you believe.  In many parts of Arizona the fence is nothing more than 3 strands of barbed wire or just some pipes driven into the ground to stop vehicle traffic

      Our Presidents refusal to visit the border on his recent fund raising trip to Texas tells me he is in total denial.  Had he seen the hoards of people crossing our border illegally he would have had to face reality for the first time regarding border security.  He could no longer use the excuse that he didn't know about it.

      Our wide open borders are a far more serious threat than many know.  But I guess if you don't live near the border it might just as well be some other country they talk about on the news.

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        TOTALLY AGREE with you a multillion percent, Old Poolman.