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To the GOP: "My Name is Talky Donald, and You better be nice to me"

  1. Credence2 profile image80
    Credence2posted 2 years ago

    Trump is threatening to run as a third party candidate if he is not received well by GOP establishment.

    Instead of "Dump Trump', maybe I should say, Run Donald Run. Wow, another Perot or George Wallace, Ralph Nader? Who do you think are going to lose votes if Trump runs as an independent?

    The situation brings to mind an episode from the Twilight Zone series, entitled 'Living Doll' (1963) A mean step-father (Telly Savales) gives his daughter a little girl doll, that speaks when you pull the string. The problem is that the doll says things that no doll should say. The stepfather angered at what the doll said to him tried to destroy it with a circular saw and butane torch, but since the doll came from the Twilight Zone, disposing of it wasn't going to be easy. Eventually, the doll kills the stepfather from a fall down the stairway and when the wife finds him at the foot of the stairs next to the doll, she picks the doll up and it speaks, 'my name is talky tina, and you better be nice to me!

    Now we have a big dummy of a doll that pulls its own string with the most darned and unpredictable  things that emanate  from these lips. This doll is protected from reaping the result of his stupidity and arrogance because of his solid gold coat of armor. After running over all prudence with a Mack Truck, he again pulls his string and warns the GOP that it better be nice, or else.

    Do many of you think that he will 'stand down' before subjecting the GOP to greater torment?

    1. Stacie L profile image88
      Stacie Lposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I think "The Donald" is all about self-promotion and his bottom line.
      He is too opinionated ,undiplomatic and dictatorial to be able to run a government . If he can't deal with others opinions and government regulation, then he will not be taken succeed.
      All politicians need to cooperate and play nice in order to be successful in their jobs. Donald is saying everything the gullible public wants to hear but he is not looking out for their interests, only his own.

      1. Credence2 profile image80
        Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, Stacie, All you have to do is watch "The Apprentice", my wife got me to initially sit down and watch with her, she saying that it had the drama of interpersonal relationships with that all working in a competitive environment and all of that sort of stuff. I watched it once and told her that it was bull****. Trump was just an egomaniac who, buying off NBC built a program around tormenting and bullying "washed up' celebrities. It was basically The Donald Trump Show.

  2. Alternative Prime profile image80
    Alternative Primeposted 2 years ago

    The "Cameos of Donald" is certainly an interesting development, not so for the now obsolete republican party though ~

    The bigger problem for the conservatives is that Trump is the most intellectually sound of the insane bunch ~

    Jed Bush opened his mouth about 3 times to lightly discuss his antiquated platform and proved once again the idiot apple dosen't fall far from the tree, or "Bush" ~ The first time it took him approximately 1 week to find what he thinks is the correct "Lie" in response to his numbskull brother's historically blunderous "Iraq War" ~

    The next self inflicting "Torpedo" to his floundering campaign was the now infamous "Americans just need to WORK HARDER" slip of the toungue ala Mutt Romney ~

    And finally, or should I say Jed Bush's most recent disaster, his idiotic "Resurrection" of the old tired mantra "We need to terminate MEDICARE" ~ An idea which will terminate any small morsel of the senior citizen vote for him ~

    1. Credence2 profile image80
      Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Well AP, I have to ask, I thought that white senior citizens were a strong GOP constituency, maybe that loyalty has been misplaced? These folks picked  their friends  badly when they fail to realize that the GOP only really embraces the Plutocrats,  everything else you see is smoke and mirrors to distract  people from the knowledge of  that fact.

      1. Alternative Prime profile image80
        Alternative Primeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Credence2 ~

        When social security and medicare are threatened like they always are each and every election cycle, the loyalty fades really fast ~

        1. wilderness profile image98
          wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Threatened?  As retirement age is forced up, income goes down (way down after inflation) and medicare costs go up, it's more than a threat!

          1. gmwilliams profile image86
            gmwilliamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this


          2. Alternative Prime profile image80
            Alternative Primeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

            Wilderness ~

            Retirement age needs to comes down, not go up ~ A Tax on Corrupt Wall Street Activities & Corporations with a Pre-Determined Market Cap will ensure not only a retirement for the working class, but a well deserved "Comfortable Retirement" after slaving their lives away to enrich the pockets of greed driven execs~

            Income is on the rise in certain states where a working individual is valued ~ Un-Patriotic States like Texas and others will probably lag as usual or not participate at all, typical backward conservative ideals and values ~

            Just curious Wilderness ~ What did the republican party offer you as an American??

    2. colorfulone profile image87
      colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      “Every Republican wants to do a big number on Social Security, they want to do it on Medicare, they want to do it on Medicaid. And we can’t do that. And it’s not fair to the people that have been paying in for years and now all of the sudden they want to be cut,” Trump said.

      I do not believe that Medicare will ever be “phased out" as Jeb Bush suggested. The American people would never allow millions of people who rely on that program to lose that. Also, it should be unthinkable to make cuts there.

      1. colorfulone profile image87
        colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Just as I thought, the liberals take things out of context again.
        Jeb Bush defends Medicare comments.
        http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/23/politics/ … hampshire/

        Republicans do not want to end Medicare at all.  If anyone is going to kill Medicare its Obama and ObamaCare BS. 
        * What does Obamacare do to Medicare?
        "In order to pay for President Obama's $2.6 trillion health care law, Medicare has been stripped of $468 billion in funds.  To further save costs, Obamacare empowers a board of unelected bureaucrats to decide what treatments Medicare will cover.  Many refer to this as rationing health care."
        http://tomgraves.house.gov/legislation/ … efacts.htm

        1. Alternative Prime profile image80
          Alternative Primeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          So does Jed have a bunch of clones out on the campaign trail like Saddam once did??? Are they out of control numbskulls like the organic Jed???

          Anyway, if what you say is true, the only words out of Jed's mouth in the future that pertain to SS or Medicare should be the following ~ "WE NEED TO DO WHATEVER WE NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO STRENGTHEN THESE PROGRAMS" PERIOD ~

          But you will never hear these words uttered by Jed or any other imbecilic conservative ~ They have been trying to destroy these critically important programs for many years now ~ Seniors will not stand for this sabatage and it will always be relfected at the voting booth ~

          1. colorfulone profile image87
            colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

            I really do not know much about "Jed".  I just like to check what was really said.

            Otherwise, I do agree with you. But, I can hope.

            1. Alternative Prime profile image80
              Alternative Primeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

              colorfulone ~ smile ~

              Jed's basically an idiot just like his brother George W ~ He has nothing to do now so hey, why not screw around and run for president ~

              He does need balls the size of his ranch in Texas to actually run though, after his father and brother were disasters at the helm ~ You really need big ones to think anyone would actually vote for you with that kind of failed political lineage ~ Unbelievable ~