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President Trump-Maybe

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago

    What would the United States be like under the presidency of Donald Trump?  What would President Trump's socioeconomic & sociopolitical policies be?   How would President Trump interact w/ the world?  Would America be MUCH BETTER or WORSE under the presidency of Donald Trump?   Would Donald Trump be a far better & more conscientious president than Hillary Clinton?  Would you have fear, even loathing or feel happy, even rejoice if Donald Trump became President of the United States?

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    Jim Travelerposted 20 months ago

    The President is not on his own, let's do not forget that! It won't be neither better nor worse. Maybe there will some problems with the U.S. allies for the foreign policy is not Trump's hard point but would be for the benefit of both America and Europe. So, we should not worry or be glad Trump will be the president for he will not be anyway. Thank you for the questions.

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    ahorsebackposted 20 months ago

    Lets face it trump isn't the most articulate campaigner ever  to come along , but his leadership  ability is strong ,  How else could he be such an influential  businessman  ,  Billionaire ,  AND  here's something everyone should consider ...........He paid his own way  towards that office .  When was the last time that happened ?      I believe that the economy will turn almost immediately upon his entering office ,  we have watched it absolutely TANK in the last eight years .

    The United States economy is very sensitive to who's in  OR who is potentially in office ! Obama's love of socialism is a direct connection to the  self esteem  or confidence of  nationwide free trade economics .  Moving towards socialism and higher taxes =  less vibrant free trade , move towards a better business climate , watch the economy flourish !

    How is your job confidence ,  or retirement portfolio  looking ?

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    colorfuloneposted 20 months ago

    It all depends on who Trump chooses for VP.  If its Jeff Sessions, I would be thrilled because he is a man who would hold Trump to the direction he says he wants to go and back him 100%. It would be very unlikely that Trump would be assasinated with Sessions to take his place and do exactly as Trump would do.  Everyone likes Sessions, he is very articulate, ethical, and he exposes tyranny.

    Trump could let Sessions do a lot of talking for him.

    Grover Norquist (president of Americans for Tax Reform) said the Donald won him over because he is a fiscal conservative.  I agree on that important point.

    We have seen too much waste and over spending. I believe Trump can turn the economy around with smart trade deals, and bring back jobs. He would boot tyrants, corny Yellen (Federal Reserve) would be placed for starters with someone who would rein in Wall Street.

    I personally see Trump as a Centrist (center-left, center right).

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      colorfuloneposted 20 months agoin reply to this