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Race Baiters everywhere !

  1. ahorseback profile image40
    ahorsebackposted 16 months ago


    This is the average American ,  Done a DNA test lately ?   Stop crying racist  at every turn in the election process ,  it makes  who ever screams the loudest  look like total idiots ,

      Watched a documentary the other night  where a national activist  "skinhead" racist , had his DNA test read to him on  national TV.        At an 18 %  central African  mixture in his blood , he looked just like the average  knuckle headed liberal screaming "racist " , today !

  2. colorfulone profile image89
    colorfuloneposted 16 months ago

    Its only racist when Donald Trump says we need to secure the border to keep illegals out of the US. 

    Hillary was saying the same thing basically, and she was right then...she likes to flip-flop.  I don't remember hearing her being called racist for wanting to deport the criminals either.


    Hillary is seen arguing the policies of Mexico are “pushing migration north across our border” and says the US needs to “secure our borders” with “physical barriers,” implement “tougher employer sanctions” for hiring illegals and “deport” those who’ve “committed transgressions.”

    The video is from a speech Clinton gave to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006.

    Mexican is not a race.
    Hispanic is not a race.
    Latino is not a race.
    There are many races in them.

    1. ahorseback profile image40
      ahorsebackposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      That wall is desperately needed , If nothing more than to serve as a symbolic barrier protecting  legal existing immigration policy .     We always let them - AND anybody in , except it must be done  and done only  Legally .

      Enforce existing immigration  laws -IS  the most blatant Obama failure .  It takes roughly ten years to legally immigrate to America , if nothing else alone ,  ignoring the laws of immigration sends the wrong message  to all those awaiting or considering legal immigration .

      1- Those who do it legally see the illegal infraction with no consequence as U.S.hypocrisy .
      2- Those who cross illegally  are doing much else illegally- proven fact .
      3- The solution of all the above is simple - arrest those who hire illegals , they break the immigration laws and the tax laws over and over again , they cost our health care systems , our welfare systems, and our legal systems immensely , lost tax revenues alone are  atrocious .

      Is it that liberals and progressives are so lazy that they are willing to forgo  the  integrity of the law and constitution  to avoid manual labor ? That's got to be it !

      1. colorfulone profile image89
        colorfuloneposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        I believe its more a matter of political correctness, it protects the bad guys, perverts, criminals, and so on.  It causes confusions, racial divisions, break down of families, mental illness in gender challenged individuals and so much more...

        It is politically chic to allow illegal aliens into the country, and not enforce the law...   hmm   But wait and see, there will be lots of people wondering what the heck happened in days ahead. 

        I believe its a spiritual veil of deception that only the Lord can lift.

  3. colorfulone profile image89
    colorfuloneposted 16 months ago

    Its nice that race baiter Al Sharpton has been demoted on MSM because of his race cards he likes to play. 

    Sharpton has visited the Obama Rainbow House about 100 times (records show on WH website).  I don't know of another president who would invite that black activist leader, back-tax evader on the grounds.