Would you agree that anyone who runs for president must have the best of intenti

  1. ParadigmShift... profile image71
    ParadigmShift...posted 9 years ago

    Would you agree that anyone who runs for president must have the best of intentions, by default?

  2. TheMindlessBrute profile image59
    TheMindlessBruteposted 9 years ago

    No I would disagree however this may have been the case at some point in American history,today it is not.The person who runs for president today has the best opportunity of winning and generating enough money to win.The lobbyist and groups who "invest" in that candidate to win then hold that investment or control over that candidate.For instance this past election was the first election in history to cost over 1 billion dollars combined between the two top tier candidates.That is 500 million dollars each for commercials,endorsements,campaign advertisements etc...

    The inability of the elected American presidents to stop the flow of taxpayer dollars to gravitate to Wall Street is because Wall Street money got them elected.These campaign contributions are a matter of public record and the Banksters financed both sides Republican and Democrat.The result is Bush approved and even went on National television begging for a bailout and so did McCain/Obama.
    The bailed out companies have not used the money in the fashion stated by the politicians or the Treasury Secretary Paulson/Geithner in essence their investments in the presidential candidates paid off.
    Intention seldom amounts to much in modern day American politics,behind the scenes there are too many hierarchies of power.In order to consolidate enough power to pass a spending bill for instance,there has to be submission to this balance of powers.I like to refer to them as earmarks.I'll sign off on this spending bill if my state of Florida recieves 100 million dollars to search for the lost fountain of youth.Obama's last spending bill had almost 8000 such earmarks in it.He campaigned with the good intention of going over every spending bill line by line...

    Intentions make for good political double speak but they lose that momentum,by default,once in power.

  3. danmayerisgod profile image68
    danmayerisgodposted 9 years ago

    Everyone who runs for president should. Doesn't mean they all do.


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