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When will the truth about president Obama's Kenyan birth allow him to be removed

  1. tonybeck profile image57
    tonybeckposted 8 years ago

    When will the truth about president Obama's Kenyan birth allow him to be removed from office?

    What's the best way to spread the word about our country being hoodwinked by this impostor?
    How can people be attracted to his cult personality and like him personally, but also be opposed to all of his policies? 
    Don't they see that his policies are who he truly is inside, no matter how well the teleprompter makes him sound?

  2. danmayerisgod profile image71
    danmayerisgodposted 8 years ago

    I'm not sure where you get your information, but considering he has a birth certificate from Hawaii and has freely shared it, he doesn't seem to be hoodwinking anyone. I think you're mistaken. I understand how some of his policies can seem wrong, and in time may prove to be mistakes on his part, but he's been very straightforward about his intentions as far as I've seen.

  3. profile image41
    deb 1980posted 8 years ago

    I agree with the other answer posted. As for your other questions, I defer to the Bush administration with the same questions. After 9/11, "The war on Terror", and fiscal negligence; he was elected to another term. Our current president has put himself in a place to "clean up" another s mess. I genuinely think  that no matter what policies went into effect, he is still faced with opposition. At least the teleprompter can make this president sound more intelligent.

  4. profile image0
    Madame Xposted 8 years ago

    the birth certificate issue will be resolved when it is politically expedient to do so.

  5. Ralph Deeds profile image63
    Ralph Deedsposted 8 years ago

    This dumb question has already been answered multiple times.

  6. Jawed Iqbal profile image74
    Jawed Iqbalposted 8 years ago

    Don't hold your breath tony. The folks who brought him to power (i.e, the Bilderbergers, the CFR elites etc.) will keep him as long as he does their dirty work. 'We The People' are just sheeples following blindly, and if he says he was born in hawaii, who are we to object?? Just close your eyes, ears, and mind and follow the messiah.

    http://lightoverdarkness.blogsome.com/2 … tion-film/

    (for those who are intellectually challenged...this was my sarcastic take on the issue).

  7. The Shark profile image60
    The Sharkposted 8 years ago

    deb, exactly what mess is the community organizer, or is it Barry, cleaning up. Let's see, is it the fact that we were not hit again after 9/11. Ohh I see he's back to treating the war on terror----oh excuse me we can't call it that anymore, the terrorists might get mad, they might even decide to blow up two American Hotels over seas---ohh look at that , they did.

    Ohh, you must mean clean up the 4% unemployment that Bush left us, yup Obama has fixed that. Let's see it's now only 9.5%. But not to worry, he promised it won't go over 8% if we spend
    3 trillion at home and 1 trillion abroad. Ooops--mistake, Biden said they "guessed wrong." Nice way to run an economy on guessing, it makes it so much more fun, kind of like a tv game show. Guess how much defecit spending we'll do this month??
    But Obama says not to worry because he predicts correctly now that he expects unemployment will continue to sharply rise----comforting, maybe they're guessing right this time.

    Oh, I know you mean that mess Bush left by putting known terrorists involved with 9/11 and the embassy bombiings in Gitmo. Again you would be correct, Obama is bringing the boys home as promised, I saw the 1st terrorist arrived safely in NY two weeks ago---welcome to America, there is lots of fertile ground in our prisons to recruit for your terrorist activities----I mean mosque prayer sessions.

    But maybe you were  referring to that obscene deficit that Bush ran, let's see---469 billion over a seven, (7) year period. Glad to see Obama has things under control, it only took him 153 days to get his own deficit to One (1) Trillion Dollars. And the exciting thing about that is there is still five and one half months to go. He can be like Barry Bonds and put the record so high that no one will ever touch it. That's right he can be the Babe Ruth of deficts in the Hall of Fame. It will be his record forever more. He has made sure his fingerprints all over this thing, and it belongs to only him. But not to worry, his treasury secty says Govt deficits don't matter. I wonder why it took us 233 years to figure that out, but thank God Obama did. Because the way things are going and at the rate he's spending the projections are for a 6 trillion dollar
    deficit within five years----oh boy I can't wait to celebrate.

    Oh, but I know, it's all Bush's fault. When questioned on all national defense policies and deficits he can always say: Bush made me do it. And not to worry the lap dog medai and worshiping star struck will go along for the ride.

    The Shark---celebrating Obama's great work

  8. profile image55
    profandyarnoldposted 8 years ago

    It is not up to the president or anyone else to prove he is innocent in America. Someone must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he is guilty. No one has done that yet.

  9. Chef Jeff profile image60
    Chef Jeffposted 8 years ago

    Since birth announcements were in the papers the day after he was born, unless someone had ESP and could see the future and was perpetrating a fraud on purpose, (highly unlikely), it seems obvious that he was, as the State of Hawaii assures us, born in Hawaii, which was and still is part of the USA.

    I know people want to make an issue out of this, but I really believe it is a waste of time to go down this path.  You know, I was born here but I don't have access to my birth certificate fromIllinois.  I only have certified copies and newspaper announcements.  I suppose they could have been fabricated. Does that mean I should have to answer for my nationality?

  10. Uninvited Writer profile image84
    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    Just a couple of facts;

    Obama was born in 1961, Hawaii was admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959

  11. eovery profile image60
    eoveryposted 8 years ago

    So why won't Barry produce his real birth certificate.  What is he hiding?  This is the big question.  Why does his grandmother insist he was born in her country?

  12. SalviaDivinorumLo profile image35
    SalviaDivinorumLoposted 8 years ago

    What I want to know is why we are still asking this?  Should we know already for sure since he's in office?

  13. JamesBenjaminJrMD profile image79
    JamesBenjaminJrMDposted 8 years ago

    Objection! Your Honor. My esteemed and well educated collegue assumes facts that are not in evidence.

    The Honorable "Common Sense" says:

    Objection sustained! Next question tonybeck!

  14. John Fracchia profile image54
    John Fracchiaposted 8 years ago

    Never.  The State of Hawaii has made his birth certificate publicly available and there is an announcement in the local newspaper from the year he was born also confirming this information.  To suggest a conspiracy would mean that it had to be cooked up in the early 1960s on the chance that he might someday become President.  While the birther movement certainly comes with a great deal of passion, I believe that they are spending their substantial energy on the wrong issue.

  15. profile image0
    ThaddyBear Girlsposted 8 years ago

    He's the President of the USA, that should give you your answer.

    GET OVER IT!!    Cult personality, PLEASE!! The things some people can come up with.

  16. T_Augustus profile image61
    T_Augustusposted 8 years ago

    Ralph Deeds summed my answer up nicely.  Read his answer, and you've got mine.

  17. profile image42
    jpospichposted 8 years ago

    I hope no one seriously believes he was born in Kenya. Given the evidence to the contrary, including Hawaiian newspaper birth announcements, the idea that somehow he perpetrated a massive fraud as a child, while still in Kenya, with the hope of one day stealing the presidency as part of some sinister plan to enslave you and your children and turn America into the epicenter of some New World Order, it's just stupid. Like a whole new level of stupid.

  18. William R. Wilson profile image60
    William R. Wilsonposted 8 years ago

    This is hilarious.  Thank you for the laugh.

  19. Skif profile image55
    Skifposted 8 years ago

    Every single citizen who voted for him will call us "right wing nut-jobs," "racists," and "sore losers."  The truth is that no one wants to know if he was born in the USA. No one wants to hear that he renounced his citizenship so he could go to school in a country that did not offer dual citizenship. No one wants to hear that they were swindled. His supporters do not want to find out they voted for a liar. Therefore, as long as we ask the question, they will respond with things like, "he showed his birth certificate," and "well snopes said..." and "we already answered this."  Unfortunately most Americans are too proud to admit they may be wrong.

  20. ausetkmt profile image55
    ausetkmtposted 8 years ago

    Hillarious,,, you are a true comedic genius

  21. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 8 years ago

    Get a grip! .....Cult or no cult he is in office....get over it already!   Hoodwinked?????????  Great choice of words!
    BTW has your question gotten you the attention you so desperately needed!

  22. Iceland Quest profile image60
    Iceland Questposted 7 years ago

    No it can't be? Kenya? Nooooooo Not that ohhhhh the humanity whatever shall we do... lock up your children..

    Seriously even if it were true (highly doubtful) who cares.  Like him or do not like him based on his policies not where he was born.

  23. R M Bowers profile image58
    R M Bowersposted 7 years ago

    For all of you who keep telling me and others we should stop asking this question, please shut up.. If he was not born in the United States, he is not eligible to sit in the oval office, and I for one would gladly jail him for treason even if he were the greatest president in the whole history of the nation.  It has nothing to do with his policies, or his race or even his religion, it has to do with the laws of our nation, and if he is violating the law then he is a criminal, period end of conversation, and any attempt to defend any other position is a fools gambit so lets see how many fools are about the place shall we.

    Now to the acual question, personally I feel it would be best if we simply left it alone for now so that the next president, which will be a Republican thanks to this morons actions, can let the justice department file charges demanding the certificate, then when he can not produce it or any valid proof of his citizenship, simply arrest and try him for treason against the nation then place him in front of a firing squad and be done with it.