Is the Skin Color and Race of President Obama the reason for the heightened Ant

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  1. ixwa profile image81
    ixwaposted 14 years ago

    Is the Skin Color and Race of President Obama the reason for  the heightened Antagonism and Racism?

  2. Kebennett1 profile image60
    Kebennett1posted 14 years ago

    I think you need to clarify your question. Are you talking about in the Nation in general or against him? It is sad that skin color and race are a reason for anything!

  3. tony0724 profile image60
    tony0724posted 14 years ago

    I think It has more to do with some of the people he has chosen for his cabinet . And the fact they do not pay their taxes like we do. And the utter contempt that some of them voice for their own country  .

  4. dutchman1951 profile image59
    dutchman1951posted 14 years ago

    Absolutely not, President Obama would not be in Office if Both White and Black people had not cast their votes for him in unison.

    America did the right thing, we elected the best Candidate. It is the fault of Party Spin Miesters, and special groups to left and right, screaming see, we told ya so! Creating panic.

    The American Core, the non extreamists, if you listen to them fairly, will tell you that Obama is the President of Choice, but, he has to open up to the all the people, say exactly what he wants. Not let Political speech writers and Democratic talking heads speak for him. He needs to be less eclectic and more stronger.

    If he stoped that easy going nature, and forgot the Mid-night appointments and paying back special interest groups that we all do not understand the need for, then the Antagonism would stop.

    Now, as for the race-ism, well...
    both Black and Whites need to get over it, before that will ever stop. We are both at fault.

    The perfect color is Green. If you got green you are something, if not...well your just another Mid-Class American. Working and Trying.

    Look, We all bleed red, and we all need to remember that. We are different and similar and that makes us a special people, stronger togeather if we will ever try to be.

    Jon in Nashville

  5. catwoman89 profile image60
    catwoman89posted 14 years ago

    I do believe it is, in addition to his middle name, partly playing into the equation. It is a terribly sad thing, the divisiveness and hostility that is in Washington DC **and** in the country at large. It is an awful, awful thing. It is shameful that members of congress and senators and such are dichotomizing SO much.
           We need to learn to be gentle creatures and work together. We need to be kind to Right-wing Republicans, and kind to left-wing hippies, and kind to ALL the people in between as well.
           It is caring and kindness that is being left out of the equation. People are panicking and becoming hostile and violent in mind and heart. Conspiracy theories are cropping up like sticky weeds, and alarmists all over the place are driving forward, being led by fear, and it is the saddest thing I have ever seen. I feel very sad for this country being plagued by all this hatred. I feel so sad for President Obama and his family. I feel scared for him, too. He is a human being. I am tired of fighting, railing back and forth, getting angry at people. I don't want to do that anymore. At my high school tomorrow, security even is tightening up, just over an "eat your peas" speech (as a writer from the New York Times called it).
             I am for becoming a kind and gentle people.

  6. T_Augustus profile image60
    T_Augustusposted 14 years ago

    Yes!  Really, it is a yes or no question and my answer is an emphatically yes, but since the simple answer is too short I will add this no-value added jargon to take up space.  The truth is though, it is a plain and simple yes.  Everything beyond that is all junk.

  7. twalker74 profile image78
    twalker74posted 14 years ago

    Unfortunately, it is the obvious answer, yes. It is not to say that other parameters don't help to disguise this fact or contribute to a debate of his effectiveness. Nor does it help that Obama is suffering from a country truly divided along political lines that have been blurred by the infusion of religion. This adds to the masking of the race issue as well as provides the smoke screen for a minority of people driven by hundreds of years of ignorance. There is progress along these lines, but we are still well short of acceptable.

  8. travel_man1971 profile image64
    travel_man1971posted 14 years ago

    Both Racism and Antagonism are still happening everywhere. Truly men of colors are often ridicule as second rate citizens. Majority believe that intelligent people are those who have lighter color or white (color branding). I think not. People of white descents should refrain from branding colored people and respect what is our individual attributes.

  9. must65gt profile image80
    must65gtposted 13 years ago

    President Obama is an intelligent man. The Media was in control of the election from the beginning, and the election was tainted by misinformation and deception, furthered by airtime declined by the republican party in using only 23% and the democratic sides use of 73%; the balance used by independents and propagations of lobbying interest on both sides. Neither Party really wanted to be in power, but with their political positioning in congress and the house, the Democratic party  took the opportunity to use a green president to push through policies that otherwise would have been held up in committees and remained blocked by opponents to the social demise by passing bills incomplete; that question  moral principals. The ideals behind the legislation were sound but as with anything lawyers get involved with, individual agenda‚Äôs became leached to the bills removing validity from the intent and origin. This economic situation would be a monster for any president to overcome. Hopefully the President will be judged by how he handles it, instead as something as insignificant as skin color. . As with some of the reporters who openly showed their ignorance publically , the race card will only be played by the hands of the uneducated misinformed individuals with personal axes to grind; in search of something or someone to blame for their social or economic position. We are at the crucible of social change. The real question is, shall we rise above the pettiness of race and color, or allow ignorance and Sinicism to rule our future.

  10. Larchinski profile image68
    Larchinskiposted 13 years ago

    Those who speak against President Obama and his ideas seem to have an agenda of racism not just a political disagreement (which is perfectly OK. Sometimes this is blatant and sometimes beneath the surface. Sometimes they do not even know they are doing it, because racism has been so accepted in this country.

    You will not see a white president's birth right and birth certificate as American questioned, which is easily proven; if you can use a computer and a search engine. Here is the website (it is not a hard thing to find, you do not have to work for the CIA to find it). … e_usa.html

      America has had a nasty history of prejudice against any ethnic group that was not viewed as the white race. All you have to do is see how African-Americans, Native Americans, the Chinese, Jews and Irish (who both for the most part have white skin but were not treated that way), and various other ethnic groups and cultures were treated through are short history.

    We still protect hate groups; instead of listing them as what they really are domestic terrorists. They hide conveniently under freedom of speech and religion, and we cater to them.

  11. terced ojos profile image61
    terced ojosposted 13 years ago

    Yes. These white racists Christian God and country types hate that this "black" man managed to get into office as president.

    They absolutely hate him and many of them actively pray that he is killed.

    This country is as racists and evil as it ever was and this hatred is ever present; just beneath the surface.

  12. MikeNV profile image69
    MikeNVposted 13 years ago

    People seems to hate Bush and he's as pasty white as they come.

    Would this same question apply to him?

    There will always be biggots and racists.  But the sentiment Obama has stirred is not one of race, it's one of the economic climate.

    If the Economy were booming he would be praised, but it's not.

    Obama says a lot of things to the public, but on the backend he doesn't put them into play.

    There is a sad irony in a guy wanting to regulate the very banks he was pivotal in handing money too.  He likes to criticize Wall Street, but his Financial Appointments all came from Wall Street.

    Obama will be measured not by his race, but by his performance.  He has 3 more years to prove himself.

  13. SpanStar profile image60
    SpanStarposted 13 years ago

    Other people in races that are not of African decent can be hated without it being racist but with the history of hatred towards African-Americans it's easy to see how, for the first time in the 21st century the White House has it's first Black President.

    1 > One can be a great golf but we have to focus on the great Black golfer?

    2 > One could be a suspect in a murder but let that suspect be A Black person.

    3 > People can walk in and out of department stores but how often are the cameras focused on the Black customer?

    There is at least one website that calls this present the Anti-Christ.  I've heard a lot of bad things about Americans presidents but this is the first time I've ever heard anyone refer to the leader of this country as working for the devil.

  14. profile image0
    Fay Paxtonposted 12 years ago

    Racism isn't the only reason, but it is certainly a factor.  People point to the fact that so many whites voted for President Obama as if whites are speaks for all.  Many whites did   not vote for him as well.

    Race has been systematically used to divide America.  I could go on forever, but suffice it to say that the fact that so many whites fail to even understand racism when they see it is the reason we will NEVER move forward in race relations.


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