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How much money do other countries owe the United States?

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    bigmodoposted 8 years ago

    How much money do other countries owe the United States?

    Any link or way to get the countries and the amount they are owing the USA. The USA owe many countries  money amounting to trillions of dollars, and i want to see the countries owing the US.

    How can te US pay china the trillions they are owing them?

    How will the US pay them back?

    What will happen if the us is not able to pay back?

    I need answers please.

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    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    The second question you ask is the correct one:  how can the U.S. pay China bach the trillions we have borrowed from them.       
            Though you are a couple of zeroes off, the answer is that up until now foreign investors and nations have been content with our ability to pay interest on the debt we owe them in the form of Treasury Bonds. Debt interest payments are a large and increasing portion of the federal budget that we all pay taxes to support.
          Recently these nations have begun questioning our ability to repay our debts over the long term. If  our creditors lose faith in our ability to repay, it will cost the U.S. more to borrow, the same way that it costs more to borrow to buy a car with bad credit than with good.
          Because the U.S. dollar is no longer exchangeable for gold or silver, the U.S. is free to print as many dollars as it see fits to pay it's bills. This is Inflation, and it is how debtor nations of the past have repaid their bills: with increasingly worthless currency. It has always in the past had an unhappy ending.

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      Morgan378posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Well pendell2 - leading here to the question from bigmodo - "Did China ever pay the United States for all the help we provided them against Japan in WWII - to Mao AND Chiang?" - I doubted they had. Perhaps reconciling the "Books" is in order?

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    H P Roychoudhuryposted 8 years ago

    The economic recession in America is not the first time. There were other times where America suffered with economic recession. The country over came with the crisis. This time also the country will be able over come the recession by dint of quality growth in industry, in the innovation of new technology and efficient administrative control over export & import with look out of America’s interest.

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    paythelandlordposted 7 years ago

    If US is not able to pay back, then it will lose all credibility in the world, and no foreign investors will risk investing in the US.
    The Dollar will lose even more value and we will print more money to try to pay just for interest alone. Remember, when the US prints money, China will receive the equivalent of what's owe to them in Yuan, so they get their money no matter what. The US on the other hand will lose out since this action devalues the dollar (Remember Zimbawe's money became so worthless that one had to bring a wheelbarrel full of cash in order to buy a lb of rice). If ths were to happen, our economy will become very unstable, and societal problems wiill ensue. The US might work out a deal with China in terms of selling some of its assets, or exchange with China US's natural resources and raw materials. CNBC took out a poll and there was suggestion of selling our national parks and monuments to pay down our debt.

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    JT Waltersposted 6 years ago

    I can think of 500 billion that just went to Pakistan.  But there has been lots and lots of money just given away.

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    thurmdxposted 6 years ago

    Everyone is dumping Obama for the state that America is in.  No one is looking at the real man that cause the problem in the first place.  Obama is just trying to clean up Bush mess.  The American people alloud Bush to send American troops to the Gulf to fight a war that his father started.  BUSH put America in the position that it's in now.  So if you want to blame someone turn and look at him.  If Hanging was still leagle someone should have took him out and leanch his A--.  Obama is just trying to do any and everything he can to protect America  and her citizens.  But all u want to know is if he is a US citizen.  Did anyone check Bush.  You should have, because he's the one that didn't have the American's best at heart.  Clinton had the US owing no one, but you people found fought in him too...There is no pleasing the American population. 

    The Dream ACT is a buch of BULL,  The US is cutting back on teachers everyday.  Trying to think of reasons not to pay them for putting up with your bad ---- kids.  Now the US government is trying to bring others over here to work in the place off all the unemployed teachers.  or the teachers that's working for little to nothing.  Get real this country is becoming more and more of a joke every day. 

    The US citizens that need assistance can't get it but bring someone else over here from another country they can get not only assistance but assistance jobs and extra money is servive.  Pluss they don't have to pay taxes.  GET REAl FOKS!!!!