What does true freedom look like to you?

  1. emohealer profile image74
    emohealerposted 8 years ago

    What does true freedom look like to you?

    I think you have some interesting concepts here.  Write a picture of what true freedom looks like to you.  Each of us has s different perception of this picture.  Looking forward to everyones answer.

  2. Mrs. Cora profile image58
    Mrs. Coraposted 8 years ago

    True freedom to me is beyond physical appearance and concepts, but more a mental freedom where no one knows what discrimination feels like; where religion is as acceptable as your choice in favorite color. In knowing that you are important as you are and are free to do, say, believe and love all that is important to you. In world of freedom you are able to challenge but are limited in that challenge by respect for creation, functionality and impact. I may come back and add to this with more time and thought. Thank you for asking me, it has made a difference in my day.

  3. outdoorsguy profile image56
    outdoorsguyposted 8 years ago

    true freedom..

    to be able to travel with out papers, permits, licenses, fees.   To be able to actually own a home.  not lease thru taxation till the government decides a developer needs your property.

    Freedom from Hatred, bigotry and Racism. 

    to be free of those who want to impose thru law, their opinions on the rest of us. 

    for people to be able to live and love the way they wish and who they wish with out some one deciding they dont like it. 

    to be able to start a business with out haviing to fawn and beg at the alter of Government, local state and federal. 

    to see Fair and balanced laws, not slanted catch alls designed for votes and not interested in Justice.   a Justice system that wants justice based on case by case not the abomnation the courts have made themselves in defiance of what the constitution set forward with the oft repeated mantra.. letter of the law. 

    the freedom to actually say what I want with out Political correctness.  the constitution never set forth the right to not to be offended. .

    Freedom from any one or all religious based laws, other than those each of us chooses to live by.

    Freedom to stand up against tyranny in all its forms.

    and the freedom to defend myself and others instead of relying on those who are never there to do the job until after its all over with. 

    this might not be what you were looking for,  but I want the dream that the constitution sets forth for the citizens.  not what the Government thinks is peachy.