The rule of 72 lot of info on how it relates to my previous comment.

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    servingyahposted 8 years ago

    The rule of 72 lot of info on how it relates to my previous comment.

    I learned of the concept while studying for my my insurance license exam. Basically it is used to calculate compounding interest,to formulate investment strategies, By banks and insurance companies. The simplest way to understand is revealed in a brain teaser type question which you may be familiar with.
      Would you rather have 1 million dollars or 1 penny doubled every day for 1 month?
      Most people would take the million. Not a bank they they choose the option every time. Why ? Do the math. Not enough space here to give adequate example. Will send you another message with more info.

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    TheGlassSpiderposted 8 years ago

    Yes, I'm familiar with the penny brain teaser; the amount of pennies would become ridiculous, far more than just a million dollars, rather quickly actually. Funny...I thought this had to do with something completely different, but interesting just the same. I'm looking forward to more info.

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    servingyahposted 8 years ago

    I was thinking about how the math applies to all living things and how the same people that are manipulating us through money also understand that sooner or later there will not be enough room for everyone. Shows me motive for some of the absurd things that are done in this world by the powers that be. Several powerful people realized this a long time ago and have developed religious organizations, secret societies, and even governments to confuse, and restrict the thinking of the average person. Over time causing us all to see our own existence as a disease that is killing the planet. Trying to turn genocide into patriotism to insure that there families are not taken out by the natural laws of math and keeping their hands clean at the same time. They have turned the odds of survival in their favor. So they think. Don't worry the Creator has a plan. Pride is their down fall they cannot admit that there math is flawed. If you take 1 dollar and divide between 3 people you each end up with 33.3 cents if you all put that dollar back together you will have 99.9 cents. There is a lot to this subject will be glad to share more if you like ? Let me know.