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how young is too young to have a child

  1. mintinfo profile image76
    mintinfoposted 8 years ago

    how young is too young to have a child

    A 9yr old girl in China just gave birth to a baby. Apparently someone younger holds the record for youngest child birth though.

  2. KT Banks profile image60
    KT Banksposted 8 years ago

    That really is a hard question. I can only tell you my experience; I had my first baby at the age of 21, I had married my high school boyfriend.  The marriage didn't last, just like everyone had warned me. So when we divorced I was 23 and really single for the first time as an adult (I started dating my ex at 15)

    At 23, I was a single Mom with a 2 yr. old. Let's just say he spent a lot of time with my Mom. I had a blast! But felt a lot of guilt over my son. The ex had disappeared pretty quickly because he didn't want to pay child support.

    I married again at 27 and 3 years later we had another child. at 30, I was a perfect Mother for both my kids. 4 years later we had another (and final) one. It"s been wonderful.

    To have a child, you need to be old enough or prepared enough to give up almost all the things you thought you needed. Like sleep, relaxation, going out much and depending on your budget a whole lot of material stuff. Like a wardrobe.

    To sum up, If I had a daughter, I would hope she would never have a child before the age of 25, and to be damn sure she had the right husband.

    A lot of it really does depend on your income.

  3. SheriSapp profile image60
    SheriSappposted 8 years ago

    unmarried, uneducated, and unrealistic about the commitment is the age of "too young"

  4. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 7 years ago

    I believe that people should have children when they are established i.e. well educated, have a viable career, not just a job, savings in the bank, and living on one's own.   I believe that people in their 20s and younger HAVE NO BUSINESS  to having children.  When people are in their 20s, they are developing into adulthood.   

    I believe that the mid-30s is the proper age to have children.  In the mid-30s, a person is fully an adult, he/she has a career and have hopefully advanced in it, have completed their education( or should have), and live on their own.