Do most of us hold on to our own points of view (most of the time) and hardly gi

  1. sofs profile image82
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Do most of us hold on to our own points of view (most of the time) and hardly give the others...

    who differ from us any attention?

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    Tusitala Tomposted 7 years ago

    I couldn't find the rest of your question, but I'm assuming you're probably getting at what is commonplace: most of us want to transmit, few of us want to receive; I'm talking opinions here. 

    Like most, I expect I fall into this category.  We perhaps need to examine where 'our points of view' come from.   Pyschologists tell us most of the important stuff (that is the early conditioning which begets our points of view) come in our infant years from what we've learned from our parents, siblings and immediate environment.   Then comes the lesser stuff (not lesser in content, but lesser in its emotional reaction when someones point of view doesn't jell with our own)

    A life-long task for the mature is to endeavour to understand ourselves, ask ourselves the BIG questions: What am I?  Who am I?  Where did I come from?  Where am I going?  Am I immortal, et cetera.   This sort of questioning is quite a bit different from: Will I wear this dress or shirt tonight?  Or what will people think about...?   The first lot come from the Real Self, the second from the mind-conditioned ego.   

    It is the ego self which holds onto its opinions.   It does so because any lessening of its opinions is regarded as a lessening of itself.   The ego lives in constant fear of being found wanting, of being wrong.   It could be said that all arguments, ranging from slight tiffs to wars between nations, occur because egos cannot agree.

    And what is an ego?   Put simply I believe it to be a sort of conglommeration of thought patterns which makes up a seeming entity; a tangle of emotional reactions which have formed in response to its own fears.   Others have referred to it, I'm told, as "congealed thought."

    A long-winded discourse.   But I wanted to present my point of view!

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    it really is quite easy, and the whole world would get on better if everyone remembered this simple thing, there are always only 2 points of view:
    mine, and the wrong one.