Is there any point to protesting?

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  1. Daniel J. Neumann profile image61
    Daniel J. Neumannposted 8 years ago

    Is there any point to protesting?

    Tell me the reasons why you should or shouldn't protest. Does it accomplish anything? Support your argument.

  2. moncrieff profile image77
    moncrieffposted 8 years ago

    Protesting against what? Wife's wacked ways? The goverment's screwups? High school regulations?

    You protest to give a hint, to seriously have things changed, to scare off, to show off, etc.; too many reasons.

  3. ultracutebot profile image75
    ultracutebotposted 8 years ago

    I believe there is a point to an extent. Protesting brings awareness to the cause in question because even if it's just 1 person on the street corner, more likely than not he/she is bound to pique at least 1 other person's curiosity. Additionally, the right to protest, specifically in the U.S., is an important privilege because it is a way to take advantage of the provisions outlined in the First Amendment, namely Freedom of Speech & the Right of People to Peaceably Assemble. There are so many countries in the world today where people would be killed merely for speaking against authority, so as Americans we should cherish this freedom.

  4. Joe Badtoe profile image59
    Joe Badtoeposted 8 years ago

    I'm protesting at the generalised openness of such a question

    Maybe ask ourselves this; if we never protest do we
    a) live in utopia
    b) live under military rule

  5. telltale profile image72
    telltaleposted 8 years ago

    To protest against a policy which is considered to be unfair, is to have our voices heard.  If the protest is loud enough, you may get an audience, and people may tend to listen.  As for accomplishment on protests?  Well, you never know, Presidents have been known to abdicate when the protest became too loud and gathered momentum sufficient enough to cause a country's President to resign from office.

  6. sofs profile image87
    sofsposted 8 years ago

    Protesting is to make your views known that you are against something. Protest but don't stop work, find a way, to right a wrong. Just protesting doesn't help, you have to do more to get your point noticed and action taken.
    I think it is a better option than rioting , fighting......... and aggression.

  7. Dorothee-Gy profile image67
    Dorothee-Gyposted 8 years ago

    Hi, Daniel, this is a really important question! If you look at the issue from a Law of Attraction standpoint, protesting only adds energy to what you don't want, so it is a perfect example of "what you resist, persists".

    On the other hand, if you feel helpless or victimized, then protesting will still feel a lot better than sitting around and feeling powerless. 

    So, my answer would be, it depends on where you are in any moment. If protesting feels like a breath of fresh air, then do it for the time being, but don't make a career out of it. As soon as you feel better, you should change directions and instead of protesting (which is in itself most of the time a futile effort) rather work on finding good solutions for any given problem.

  8. danatheteacher profile image63
    danatheteacherposted 8 years ago

    Protesting is important!

    It keeps the tension in the "rope" for things like the 1st Amendment.

    "Protest" is a relative word, as the norm is not constant. The extremes are not constant.

    The cultural benefits to a society where protesting is allowed are clear. 

    Protest balances a perceived extreme, creating a trending toward a more moderate norm.

  9. sugz profile image72
    sugzposted 8 years ago

    @Dorothee-Gy  well said, i totally agree..

    now come on everybody, and daniel too.. you don't want to be reading all the answers to these questions, you don't want to stay at your computer for another couple of hours reading all of my hubs and ranking them up, you don't want to notice how addicted to each of our hubs you have become, you don't want to stop protesting what i've written, but you will.

    don't laugh, the universal law of attraction is a very strong force



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