Building the Islamic community center at Ground Zero on private property is a Co

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  1. cindybarrymore profile image61
    cindybarrymoreposted 13 years ago

    Building the Islamic community center at Ground Zero on private property is a Constitutional Right.

    Correct? If not, then why? Please support your arguments with facts NOT emotions. Because we all know that more than just Christians died in the 9/11 attacks, correct? If I'm wrong, please tell me so, but please make sure you have solid facts to support your argument.

  2. skgrao profile image65
    skgraoposted 13 years ago

    Read history to know about Muslim rulers.
    All Muslims will start building Islamic community centers.
    They pray 5 times with loud speakers blazing,have you heard.
    They spoil our peace with their prayer.
    We cannot understand a word of their prayer.
    It is a prayer with a difference.
    No one has the right to disturb peace or commit noise pollution.
    You rent a house next to a Mosque and see.
    Solid fact rent a room next to a Mosque.

  3. dabeaner profile image61
    dabeanerposted 13 years ago

    Yeah, they have the right.  In the U.S., they have the right to say:  "In your face, infidels!  Allah Akbar!"

    In the Middle East, the Muslims erect mosques on the sites of their victories/conquests.  Doesn't that tell you something about why they have chosen that New York location?

    However, don't other groups have the right to open Jewish delis next door?  How about a Honey Baked ham shop and/or a ham and eggs breakfast diner that drifts delicious pork, bacon, and ham aromas toward the mosque?  How about opening a strip club and a gay bar across the street or next door?  Massage parlors.  Live chicken sales stores.  (To keep their women pure, many Moslem men relieve their tensions with chickens.  And then there are debates within Islam as to whether such violated chickens are "halal" or not.)

    Oh, wait, the Christians will object to the strip club and gay bar because there is also a Catholic church nearby.  (Zoning restrictions limit strip clubs and bars to a minimum distance away.)

    In your face, ALL you religious wackos, Muslim AND Christian.

    BTW, if and when the mosque is built, there will be suppliers and workers required.  Let's see how much Christians continue to object when they are offered business and jobs.

  4. The Shark profile image59
    The Sharkposted 13 years ago

    The thing with the Muslim faith is this Brotherhood of Muslims that they all belong to. It's goal is to bring Sharia law to all nations. So their so called religon doesn't fit with our way of life. No other religion feels it is it's duty to eventually become the law of the land.
    In Saudi Arabia this week there was a trial of a man seeking revenge on another. He was injured in a fight with this man and left paralyzed. The trial was to see if he had a right to now paralyze the man that had beat him. This is Sharia law at work. This is also the same religion that believes one should be killed if they change from muslim to christianity.
    No, I don't want a mosque anywhere near ground zero. In fact I would like to see the accelerated rate that mosques are being built brought to a halt. The guy building the ground zero one refuses to disclose where the funding is coming from!
    Why not build a memorial on Ford's Island looking west toward Japan, across the deck of the Arizona with all the names of Japanese sailors and airmen killed during their attack on Pearl Harbor. That will show the world that we are tolerant---and fools.
    Sometimes you have to make a stand, and I for one stand for America and all of the people killed at ground zero, in DC at the Pentagon and in PA in the field.
    The Shark

  5. GNelson profile image59
    GNelsonposted 13 years ago

    This whole mosque issue is a good example of why America is in the shape it is in today.  It was created by the conservative media to devide us and it has.  I have seen no legal reason for them not to expand the mosque that already exists.  While we obsess over a mosque the economy sucks, corporations hoard case rather than create jobs,  politicians don't have to discuss issues like taxes,  our bridges crumble, the spilled oil in the gulf disappears in a day, we don't educate our children, we don't regulate corporations and eggs make us sick.  But it is real important that we get this mosque thing settled before we do anything else.

  6. profile image57
    foreignpressposted 13 years ago

    Yes, the Muslims have the "right" to build the center there. But serious questions arise about the intent. For example,
    - The man behind the center, Imam Rauf, supports Hamas and has publicly stated Hamas is not a terrorist group.
    - The center will cost $100 million to build (probably more considering inflation). Yet The Cordoba Initiative -- which claims funds only in the middle five figures -- refuses to release where that money is coming from and what donors have contributed so far. Rauf and his backers would not undertake such a massive project without knowing in advance whether it could be completed. So what are the sources of funding? And why is this a secret that even the New York attorney general (a liberal Democrat) refuses to pursue?
    - Why does the Imam insist on the "community center" and mosque being unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the attack? Certainly not for nostalgia.
       The Muslims have, in the past, used a country's laws against itself to further Islam. One recent example is Canada where Muslims wanted to legalize Sharia Law. They had already done so in Great Britain, and found a loophole in Canadian law. Some feel that the U.S. is next.
       The United States is a country where freedom and equality reign. Freedom -- not domination. And freedom is what we have to protect by placing limits on forces with supposed ulterior motives.
       There's more that places serious suspicion on the Muslim intent. But if I wrote more this would turn into a hub.

  7. Shadowblack profile image61
    Shadowblackposted 13 years ago

    The Islamic cultural centre is not to be designated as a mosque and it is not to be built at Ground Zero. Check it out:

  8. Orygyn profile image60
    Orygynposted 13 years ago

    It isn't a right or wrong issue. I agree with your view on it though. I am an atheist, so while I want to see religion diminished in general, and this runs counter to that goal, the real question is, what's more important to me: infringing on someone's freedom to do what they want with their property, or allowing religion to spread a bit further? The latter, definitely. Muslims in general are no more to blame for 9/11 than Americans in general are for the massacre of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  9. crankalicious profile image86
    crankaliciousposted 12 years ago

    While I support the right of any group or individual to build what they want on private property, building an Islamic mosque near ground zero seems like a bad idea. Even if the reasons are 100% legitimate and peaceful, passions around 9.11 are so polarized that it's just going to be a focal point of hatred. If you're a follower of Islam or a user of the mosque, why would you want to do that to yourself?

    That being said, I support their right to build it there and understand that the actions of the terrorists do no represent Islam.


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