Do you think that democracy is a flawed political system? What will be your reco

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  1. andromida profile image60
    andromidaposted 11 years ago

    Do you think that democracy is a flawed political system? What will be your recommendations to...

    make democracy more effective ?

  2. kookoo88 profile image59
    kookoo88posted 11 years ago

    Democracy is dependant upon sane, honorable people.  It works to the degree that individuals holding office take actions that benefit not only their constituents, but the good of the democracy as a whole.

    In a world without insanity and greed, it is the best system available.  In a world where it can be used for individual gain, it doesn't work so well.

    It's still better than a psychotic dictator.

    Most forms of government require individuals who care about the people to be a good government.  At this point, humanity needs to become sane.  Unless that happens, pretty much every form of government is going to . . . suck.


  3. puebloman profile image61
    pueblomanposted 11 years ago

    Winston Churchill said that democracy was the worst system of all, except all the others.

    Aristotle writing in the 3rd century BC, 200 years after the founding of Athenian democracy, observed that voting produces corrupt politicians - because the shit floats to the top (I paraphrase Aristotle). The Greeks chose their leaders by lot. It was a duty to serve the community.

    He also proposed that the democratic community should be no larger than 10,000. So that people to some extent were familiar with those who led them.

    You can find these and many other good suggestions in Aristotle's "Politics".

  4. peterxdunn profile image59
    peterxdunnposted 11 years ago

    Nearly all democracies, especially the Western variety, are a sham. There is no real distinction between the 'different' political flavours on offer to the electorate.

    Then there is the 'national' currency issue. Most national banks are privately owned which means that - when banknotes are issued - there is already debt (interest) attached to them. In order to support the international buying power of a currency a country will sometimes have to buy back its own banknotes on the international money markets to create a scarcity. If governments issued currency this wouldn't happen and inflation could be controlled by governments; not banks and speculators.

    Lastly there is the information issue. If the citizens of a democracy haven't got access to honest, unbiased and accurate information (eg about the state of a national economy) then they cannot make an informed choice at election time.

  5. Thesource profile image68
    Thesourceposted 11 years ago

    In the US context there are many flaws.

    First politicians take money from special interest groups, lobbyist and wealthy private individuals. They do not have to disclose who these groups are.

    Then they say what people like to hear so that they can get elected. After that it is pay back time to these lobbyist as special groups even if they do not serve the interest of the general public. This is legalized bribery. My recommendations is that there should be a common pool of fund for all politicians to level the platform. They should disclose who are the contributors, if any.

    The other problem is that all politicians do not have equal visibility to the public. Those who have more money can drown out others with better messages and policies. My recommendation will prevent this.

    Another problem is that people don't take the time to study issues.
    People need good independent information on the candidates and their agendas. Everyone who has to vote, needs to be aware of history, economics, social issues, current affairs and other geo-political issues to some extent. Many still vote irresponsibly on factors such as candidate's appearance, eloquence, race, sex and other irrelevant factors.

  6. tdarby profile image61
    tdarbyposted 11 years ago

    Democracy has always had flaws.  That is why the founding fathers of the United States actually set up a Representative Republic--in an effort to avoid teh problems of Democracy.

  7. Wayne Brown profile image80
    Wayne Brownposted 11 years ago

    Democracy is not a flawed idea...the flaw comes from the people who have gained a position within the functionality of it. Our process in the USA was established by men who assumed that honest people would follow them in the endeavor to keep the country going.  Somewhere along the line, corrupt politicians placed more value on their own selfish gains than the welfare of their country.  Once that happens, the system matters little, for the people have been sold out for personal reward.  In America, we have politicians who speak of reform on a daily basis...not one speaks of reforming their lot and beginning anew.  WB

  8. weholdthesetruths profile image60
    weholdthesetruthsposted 11 years ago

    "Democracy" as a stand-alone concept, is nothing other than "mob rule".   Without principles and without checks on the power of the state, it can be just as oppressive as a dictatorship.   Though in concept democracy creates accountability to the governed, it is accountability only to the majority, not to any minority, nor does it ensure that any individual is safe from tyranny. 

    Our founders decided to try an experiment in self government, where we have a form of democratic rule, but with extreme limits placed upon the centralized government.  This proved to be by far the best implementation ever tried and it worked extremely well until we abandoned the Constitution in the 30's, and started growing the powers and functions of the federal goverment.   Our current financial, industrial, economic, social, and other problems have directly been caused by our abandonment of the Constitution.

  9. Cedar Cove Farm profile image61
    Cedar Cove Farmposted 11 years ago

    Yes it is flawed.  It's a good thing we don't have a democracy here in the USA.  What we have is a republic-representative government, which is severely flawed but would be much less so if we adhered to the Constitution.

  10. ajuvr profile image61
    ajuvrposted 11 years ago

    i invite all of you to

    human being boasts to possess the sixth sense.
    majority of people are now possessed by sheer nonsense , by the way  they respond to the evil business of pseudo-demo(n)cracy

  11. cjhunsinger profile image60
    cjhunsingerposted 11 years ago

    "Democracy is the only road to socialism." Socialism is the only road to Marxism. Marxism is totalitarianism.. Freedom is the Bill of Rights supported by the practice of capitalism. .


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