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Robert Mugabe Is Now Aware His Wife Has Been Having An Affair With Another Man,

  1. Flavie Lolol profile image79
    Flavie Lololposted 7 years ago

    Robert Mugabe Is Now Aware His Wife Has Been Having An Affair With Another Man, What Should He Do?

    The 45–Year-Old Grace Mugabe Found 50-Year-Old Gono, A Banker, Irresistible And Both Had Wonderful Nights In South Africa’s Most Expensive Hotels, Leaving The 86-Year-Old Strongman And President Of Zimbabwe, Lonely And In Cold Nights.


  2. Apostle Jack profile image61
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    When the load is too heavy...you get rid of the loose baggage.

  3. profile image47
    berty8posted 7 years ago

    He is still the husband and if he thinks that there is no help for the relationship then he should divorce her--she on the other hand should run and keep running--Mugabe can have her beheaded...

  4. kids-toy-box profile image78
    kids-toy-boxposted 7 years ago

    Either forgive her if he thinks the realtionship is worth saving.If not then divorce her.

  5. Rogochuks profile image77
    Rogochuksposted 7 years ago

    Robert did something a lot of people do when they have power, they think that they can cheat nature. Nature dictates that you stay within your demographic, so that you can go into your golden years with more similarities than disimilarities. I think Robert should accept his fate or find someone his age.

  6. jimmylesaint profile image62
    jimmylesaintposted 7 years ago

    There is nothing he can do. It is common knowledge the First Lady is known as Dis Grace. She built a mansion for over US$30m, known as Graceland. Dis Grace is well known in China and has several properties and a diamond cutting business in Hong Kong.

    Also let us remember that RGM whilst married to his first wife, Sally who was very ill, started the affair with Grace(a junior secretary, also married to an airforce pilot) Thus a relationship based on adultery can the one ever trust the other??

    AND let us not forget the other affairs of Dis Grace, Peter Pamire mysteriously died in a car accident. Business man James Makamba, run out of town.
    Give a minute to the poor body guard who was present when Sabina Mugabe told Robert about the Gono Grace affair. The body guard "died" a few days later.

    So what should RGM do about the new affair? Nothing, he's been cuckolded before.

  7. profile image0
    snow_white88posted 7 years ago

    well well well....what can he do? At the age of 86...and Grace is still sexually active... Mugabe has obviously slowed down...considering she is almost half his age! Either he gives her sex 7 times a week or just doesn't take it to heart that she is cheating.... she needs to feed. Let's not get into "huge-age difference marriages." This is a could example of the result of age gap problems....

  8. Leviso Kitaka profile image60
    Leviso Kitakaposted 9 months ago

    Robert Mugabe is a recognized name along the continent and the news of a cheating first lady is a blow to his reputation so he needs to handle the matter in a very strategic manner or see his name go down as his own family is not on his side