I volunteer with our local Salvation Army Corps. We due a Christmas card proje

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    Henry Beamerposted 7 years ago

    I volunteer with our local Salvation Army Corps.  We due a Christmas  card project each year...

    where the local community has the oppportunity to send their greetings to the troops on an oversized Christmas card.  The cards have gone our to our local soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan as well as Landstuhl & Walter Reed.  The contact we used at Landstuhl is no longer available.  Is the address below still vailid and do you have an email address for the chaplin's office?

    Thank you,

    Hank Beamer

    (Please Label the box to "Chaplins Closet")
    Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

    CMR 402
    APO AE 09180


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    Army Infantry Momposted 7 years ago

    Hi Hank,

    Yes it is the correct address - I recieved this address last fall when I called Germany and spoke to the chaplin over at the landstuhl regional medical Center.  I do not have his email address however the number is 011-49-871-60080 an operator can assist you with placing the call. 

    If you need any other information or help, just say the word okay.  it's so wonderful to hear theres people out there remembering our wounded - especially during the holidays.