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Does anyone agree with me that scapegoating a community for the actions of an ex

  1. calpol25 profile image68
    calpol25posted 6 years ago

    Does anyone agree with me that scapegoating a community for the actions of an extremist is wrong?

    The reason being is in a recent forum post someone asked if the muslim community was dangerous? I mean that is like saying are all Americans in KKK? I felt so strongly that I have written a hub about this scapegoating business but I would like to know what your honest answer is to my question?

  2. Seeker7 profile image95
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    Yes it definately is wrong. When acts of terrorism etc. are committed everyone gets tarnished by the same brush. This creates fear and paranoia, so anyone living within the same culture as a terrorist is seen as being in league with them, which of course is a lot of rubbish. Also, sometimes I think the media could do a lot more to give a more balanced viewpoint. Some governments are just as bad depending on what their agenda is.

  3. Stump Parrish profile image61
    Stump Parrishposted 6 years ago

    For a lot of christians in this country it depends on the affiliation of the exremist. if the extremist group (Taliban) is a Muslim group who kills or terrorizes Americans there is no problem blaming the entire religion. If the extremist group (Army of God, Westboro Baptist) is however a Christian group who kills or terrorizes Americans, they are outraged to be lumped in with him. They immediately begin screaming that this person wasn't a true christian. They have no problem stating that every Muslim is in fact a true Muslim. It comes down to a holier than thou mentality. One group can do no good and the other can do no harm.

  4. moiragallaga profile image83
    moiragallagaposted 6 years ago

    I agree with you that scapegoating communities for actions of extremists is wrong. Doing so actually just further aids the extremists. Extremists are selling a narrative, a construct that they hope people will buy into so they can co-opt them to their twisted cause. Unfortunately, scapegoating communities breeds the resentment and anger that extremists love to feed on, this makes people of those communities (especially the youth) vulnerable to the narratives and social constructs that these extremists propagate to recruit more "believers" to their cause.

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    mikeq107posted 6 years ago

    Of Course It is....each individual is responsible for their actions and should be held accountable not the community They come from...trouble is many people do not know how to think outside the box and mob rules...case in point last nights London riots....

    I know many Muslims and they are some of the nicest people...just Like I,m Irish does that make me  a Terrorist..

    ( Thanks for using the word seeker7 for got how to spell It LOL)

    Great question Thanks for asking
    Mike :0)

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    msivakumarposted 6 years ago

    The answer is obvious. Yes it is wrong. You can't brand an entire community based on the action of one or few individuals.

    But what I fail to understand is, in-spite of being such a simple and straightforward situation - which any normal IQ person can understand, why each terrorist action creates more and more chasm between different religions ?

    Is the politicians or the religious leaders to blame ? Do we have a leadership vacuum in the real sense ?

  7. profile image0
    Sherlock221bposted 6 years ago

    To scapegoat anyone, whether on religious grounds, or any other is completely wrong.  Unfortunately, it seems human nature to blame an entire group for the actions of an individual's actions.  The religious are very often guilty of such thinking themselves, by blaming atheists or people of a different religion.  Or atheists are quick to blame the religious for actions committed by one of their members.  However, I do believe that moderate members of a relgious community should admit to the fact that there are a minority within their religion who are willing to go to such extraordinary measures in the name of their God, and should concentrate on educating the young, so that they are unlikely to grow up with fundamentalist beliefs.

  8. rebekahELLE profile image88
    rebekahELLEposted 6 years ago

    I saw that thread and posted a response.  I think it's not only wrong, but it shows ignorance and lack of understanding.  There are some very intolerant and ignorant humans living in the world.
    Education can help if people are willing to learn and accept differences.  But most people believe their beliefs are right, regardless.

  9. calpol25 profile image68
    calpol25posted 6 years ago

    Thank you all for your responses I needed to know that there are at least some people out there that agree with me, to blame a whole community is morally wrong, and I agree with you rebekah Education is the way forward.

  10. iraniky profile image61
    iranikyposted 6 years ago

    not, Muslims are not dangerous. I am a Muslim, and we are not all religious communities in taught to respect each other. there may be some people who are not responsible there. that makes little difference to all religious communities in the world

  11. profile image0
    klevifushaposted 6 years ago

    Absolutely. You can't condemn a whole population because of the actions only a few chose to take.

  12. platinumOwl4 profile image75
    platinumOwl4posted 6 years ago

    First, you are correct we should not blame an entire community for the misdeeds  of a few. However, most people receive their information from the media complex who are skilled at twisting  opinion to fit their purpose

  13. danielleantosz profile image72
    danielleantoszposted 6 years ago

    I should hope every one would agree with you.  I think that many people are not educated about different religions and their ignorance creates fear.  My advice would be to try to be patient when people ask questions like that if they are actually willing to listen to the answer. smile

  14. shampa sadhya profile image84
    shampa sadhyaposted 6 years ago

    It reflects our ignorance. It is not only regarding terrorism that any particular community gets blamed but it is happening in our day to day life too. As for example when a youth commits a mistake the whole young generation is criticized. After marriage if the daughter- in- law acts against the wish of the in- laws invariably her biological family is criticized.
    Thus, it is the basic nature to blame anyone for everything. People forget that hurting someone raises a question to his/her education and understanding. We should have an open mind and then come up with some serious discussion followed by conclusion.