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Does it bother you to see everyone outside of your own country getting the help

  1. JamesMcAlhanyJr profile image58
    JamesMcAlhanyJrposted 6 years ago

    Does it bother you to see everyone outside of your own country getting the help we need here?

    I feel deeply for everyones problems, but I get so irritated when I see so much being done for everyone else when that help could be useful in my home country. How do you feel about this and does this happen in your country as well if your not from the USA?

  2. Moderndayslave profile image59
    Moderndayslaveposted 6 years ago

    Some countries I don't mind us helping,say the ones where children are starving to death.The ones we don't need to help are the ones that use the money for re-election gifts to sway our legislatures votes for money for guns,bombs and bullets.

  3. marwan asmar profile image80
    marwan asmarposted 6 years ago

    Not really. I think its all related to distribution of resources which is not fair anyway. A lot more could be done locally and is not, but does this mean we don't try and aid others, and in any case what's going abroad is a drop in the bucket so to speak

  4. profile image0
    msivakumarposted 6 years ago

    I am from India - we have enough problems here. But our Govt also funds money as "aid" for poorer countries than ours and for natural disasters like Tsunami or earthquakes. As long as it goes to the intended use it is ok.As Moderndayslave put it, if it goes to make bombs and for any other unintended purposes it does irritate.

    Personally I feel this whole "aid" or "help" business is a bad practice. I feel most of it are misused or exploited. Except for the natural disasters and medical emergencies, it is better to expose the concerned parties to the market economies.

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    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    Are you suggesting that there is even a hint of altruism in our aid payments to foreign governments?

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    happy mummsyposted 6 years ago

    i live in chicago and i truly understand your frustration about the way USA is helping everyone else but its own. i truly and honestly feel that EVERYONE is depending and expecting us to help EVERYONE all over the world but no one seems to care to help us .. very sad .. then again, POLITICS is a very dirty game: i am very sure the public don't know half of what is truly happening behind closed doors .. i just hope people in power would stop "politicking" and just do their job in fixing our problems. i think it truly upsets me because i am a hardworking tax-paying citizen and i feel like the hard earned money they dig out of paycheck goes to nothing :-(

  7. Borsia profile image45
    Borsiaposted 6 years ago

    It bothers me that the US government takes it upon itself to give away our tax money without any say by the people. Especially when they have yet to repay the money they pilfered from Social Security, $4.7 Trillion, and when the US infrastructure has been left to crumble.

    It bothers me even more that the US has its paws in 130 countries while we have such huge problems at home.

    Taking care of the world is not our problem and we really do very little good. But if individuals want to donate their money they should have that right. But the US government doesn't have the right to give away my tax money without my express permission.

    To be giving away our wealth at this time whether through foreign aid, NATO or the UN is inexcusable.

  8. nikki_m profile image84
    nikki_mposted 6 years ago

    Sometimes it is frustrating for me. I live in Kansas City, and we get some pretty violent storms all year 'round, not to mention flooding and other problems that we have seen this year. Many times, there are people left homeless by these disasters, and without getting approval for being a "state of disaster", it is hard for communities to rebuild. I have been fortunate enough to never be displaced by these disasters, but I feel for my neighbors that have.

    Not to mention that, during this economic hardship especially, there are families that are homeless, hungry, and hurting in our own country every day, and for some of them, it is very hard to get any kind of aid.

    None of this is to say that America is worse off than some other countries, and am of the belief that if you have an abundance, sharing with someone who needs it is admirable, but it really is frustrating to see people in my own community go without while our tax dollars are being sent to someplace else.

  9. onegoodwoman profile image76
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    The fact that there are homeless and hungry in the midsts of mainland Americans is, or should be, a national disgrace.

    With so much adundance, wealth, resources and fantastic forward thinking minds, to have the hungry within our neighborhood is a shame.

    There are STILL people in the "Mississippi delta"........the same great river that so many make their living from......who
    have no running water or indoor plumbing.

    To help another is a good thing.............to ignore our own, the same who grow our grains..........is a national shame.

    Knowing that we  have those who are unprovided for, makes it difficult for me to contribute to those in foregein countries...though,I do not deny their plight.

    Recently, while living in San Antonio ( a great romantic American city), I had a neighbor boy, who always seemed to find himself at my house at suppertime.   He was known as saying,...........tell my mom how to cook this.........my mom would probably like this........and other such things.........

    How very small, I felt, when I realized his single, struggling mother could barely afford shelter, and "eating" had become a luxuary.

    The hungry are among us...............we need only ( as I did ) open our eyes to see them.

    Yes, it bothers me............not because, I deny their need, but because I see SO much need here, in our own neighborhoods.........in EVERY great American city that I have lived in.   There are so many, communities that I have not yet been a part of.

    Still, " the   world " at large, receives less than 1% of the national budget...........not a great sum.

    Let us, everyone, become a neighbor.  Let each and every one of us, do a kindness........feed , bed or medicate, buy a school supply.................let every American reach out his or her hand, let us be a humane collection of people........and to hell with the government, let THEM just shut up!   We should not need them to tell us to be kind and generous to those who are in need.