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Are we ready for a woman in the White House... Meaning a President?.

  1. Lord De Cross profile image84
    Lord De Crossposted 5 years ago

    Are we ready for a woman in the White House... Meaning a President?.

    This might sound like a cliche question, but how would we solve the problem of that 'First Lady' situation? Could've been that the Founder Fathers never thought of this?

  2. maxoxam41 profile image75
    maxoxam41posted 5 years ago

    The American society just proved us that it is a man's world where women still fight for their rights. For them to become president it will take a long time, however should they succeed I would rather them not to emulate Margret Thatcher but to rival Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner!

  3. profile image0
    Indigitalposted 5 years ago

    I believe if Britain can, America can surely follow. If it is truly where freedom lies, I see no reason why gender should stop a perfectly suitable candidate, assuming there is one.

  4. MickS profile image72
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    I doubt it, we only have to look at the mess we got into having a woman as the Head of Government when we elected the cow Thatcher.  Mind you, a President is the Head of State, our Queen has done a fair old job for 60 years; and Mary McAlise has done a good job in the Irish Republic, so it may work.

  5. Agantum profile image60
    Agantumposted 5 years ago

    I read that the term mademoiselle is to be discontinued by the french government.  Many feel this is demeaning to women because unlike men they are categorised into married or unmarried.  So now, regardless of marital state all women will become madame.

      I wonder if by the time that the usa is ready for a woman as president she will be Mrs. President or Miss President or maybe Ms President?

  6. PurvisBobbi44 profile image81
    PurvisBobbi44posted 5 years ago

    Yes, I am ready, because I am very weary of the men who have been president for the last two decades. We need a woman to clean up the disarray left by men: (Of course I am not talking about my favorite President Abraham Lincoln)
    A woman knows how to:
    1.    Execute a Budget and following through.
    2.    Does not borrow from other countries, i.e. China.
    3.    Listens-- but does her research.
    4.    Chooses the right people for the jobs in power.
    5.    Excels in the corporative world.
    6.    Communicates better than most men.
    7.    Knows better what the American people wants from their government—                Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    8.    Can put unemployed back to work by eliminating credit checks              businesses are using, and not discriminating against the unemployed?
    9.    Will not decrease the Military, but secures our safety by putting   competent Generals in charge who do not have an agenda.
    10.    Knows how to implement the “Hands Up” not handouts to each state for their local needs.
    11.    Knows how to say “No” to the handouts to other countries---in other words—teach them how to fish—not just give them fish.

  7. feenix profile image59
    feenixposted 5 years ago


    The United States of America is, in fact, ready for "a woman in the White House" -- and the country has been ready for that to happen for decades, probably ever since the 1970s.

    The only thing that has kept there from being a "woman president" is the "right woman" has not thrown her hat into the ring yet -- but I strongly suspect that will happen in the very near future.

    Americans in general, including American men in general, are far more fair and balanced and open-minded than they are given credit for.

    Furthermore, this might be a "man's world" but there are plenty women out there who are quite capable of calling the shots, and millions-upon-millions of American men see things the same way I do. 

    Finally, I must say that as I sit here at my desk typing, there are at least 10 women out there who are preparing themselves for getting elected to the presidency.

    This is the United States of America -- The Land of Opportunity. And that is quite obvious because today, a "person of color" is sitting in the White House -- and just a few short years ago, "who woulda thunk it?"