Which presidential campaign's exaggerations/lies/innuendo/arguments are more obj

  1. crankalicious profile image94
    crankaliciousposted 6 years ago

    Which presidential campaign's exaggerations/lies/innuendo/arguments are more objectionable?

    I had an acquaintance argue that both parties were doing the same thing, but are they? I definitely don't agree. Is there an objective way to evaluate their values or is it all just misinformation? Are non-partisan web sites like factcheck.org important?

  2. krillco profile image94
    krillcoposted 6 years ago

    All of them! It's why I do not vote, and won't vote. It's all lies and manipulation of facts, not a true election. Only when a law passes that gives each candidate so much tax money (a set and equal amount) to present their record and plan for the country will I vote.

    As long as big money is around, big business has undue influence on the electoral process. And for those going to hop on the old 'well, it's the best system we have' and 'you can't criticize if you don't vote' band wagon, give me a break. Nowhere in the Declaration, Constitution or the Bill of rights does it say my free speech is negated by the fact that  I do not vote. In fact, I feel strongly that my NOT voting IS my vote of no confidence in the system.

    Folks who hide behind the best-system-we-have and no-criticism-if-you-don't-vote statements are enablers of a system that is severely broken and getting worse. It does not matter who or which party is president, the other party will do everything in their power to block any progress whoever is president tries to accomplish. And then they blame the president's failure to do cartwheels while bound and gagged on the president! I don't even give a sneeze about who or what party is in the executive branch...just let the poor son of a bitch DO something!

    And at least part of the solution is to make term limits for all of Congress; no more career politicians. And, no more big paychecks to them with lifetime free medical care and huge pensions. Pay them a decent wage, and have them pay into their own health insurance and retirement just like the rest of us. Furthermore, they should only get 2 weeks vacation and ten sick days like the rest of us, too. What other job in America for the common man or woman gets such outrageous privileges and liberal work schedule? 'Public servants' my ass, they are greedy self interested capitalists, period.

    Sorry for the rant....


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