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Has anyone here ever actually written a letter to someone in high office?

  1. stanwshura profile image74
    stanwshuraposted 4 years ago

    Has anyone here ever actually written a letter to someone in high office?

    I'm talking at the level of a state Governor, equivalent or higher.  Did you get a response, other than some form letter sent by an aide of an aide of an assistant?  Did you find it helpful?

  2. CWanamaker profile image98
    CWanamakerposted 4 years ago

    I've written to a US Senator before. I did get a response back but it was a generic "Thank you for your concerns" type of letter.

  3. Dr Billy Kidd profile image93
    Dr Billy Kiddposted 4 years ago

    YES. I write very personal and detailed letters and sometimes get a personal response, mostly from Senators....Barbara Boxer responded with a personal response recently. And I was thankful for her thoughts.

    Senator Ron Wyden....used to run into him in the super market when he was home back in Portland, Oregon. He's the most humble and open and straight forward politician I've met.

  4. Jeannieinabottle profile image91
    Jeannieinabottleposted 4 years ago

    I wrote to President Obama once.  He claimed he wanted feedback about healthcare reform and I was more than happy to give him just that.  It was not a nasty email... just an honest one with advice.

    And no, he never responded, nor was my advice taken into consideration.  An aide emailed me a standard, "Thanks for your email" response.   Oh well.  At least I tried.