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Has President Obama did a good job with increasing the unemployment rate in Amer

  1. Rakim Cheeks profile image60
    Rakim Cheeksposted 2 years ago

    Has President Obama did a good job with increasing the unemployment rate in America?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    I think you meant to say "decreasing" unemployment.
    According to FactCheck.org and PolitiFact.com: Since 2009, U.S. has created more jobs than 'every other advanced economy combined'
    When he got into office unemployment was at 10% and today it's around 5.7%. In September 2014 Forbes Magazine had a article stating The Bureau of Labor Statistics: Jobless claims were just over 300,000; lowest since 2007. It's been reported over 4 million jobs have been added.
    However it's not about the "numbers" but rather the types of jobs that concern most Americans. We're not seeing as much middle class and higher wage jobs being created as we want to see.
    Therefore if the question is strictly based on the number of jobs added during his terms the answer is "yes" he's done a good job.
    Nevertheless if one analyzes the (wages) of the average job created it's less than the previous job that was lost during "The Great Recession" under George W. Bush.

  3. feenix profile image59
    feenixposted 2 years ago

    As quiet as it is being kept, one of the primary reasons why the rate of unemployment has decreased demonstrably during recent times is, Obama and his crew have stepped up federal hiring by leaps and bounds. In other words, the rate of private-sector unemployment is way up there; or else, it could be said that employment in the private sector is not increasing significantly.

    Furthermore, the "George Bush recession" was NOT his recession at all. The economic slowdown that occurred during Bush's watch was actually the hangover from Bill Clinton's "it's the economy stupid" agenda. Or, it could be said, the recession that began during the Bush administration was the delayed effect of all the sub-prime mortgages that began to be handed out during the Clinton years.

  4. Dr Billy Kidd profile image93
    Dr Billy Kiddposted 2 years ago

    Your question could bring out the trolls, but still it is worth answering
    Obama does not create jobs. Businesses create jobs.
    The Republican funded American Enterprise Institute said this about the size of the federal government under Obama:
    "The number of federal employees has risen under President Obama. There were 2,790,000 federal workers in January 2009 when the president took office, and now there are 2,804,000 workers (thru 2013). http://www.aei.org/publication/has-gove … der-obama/
    That's a mere 14,000 new federal workers--hardly enough to keep up with population growth. Yet the private sector grew by 6 million jobs http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter … -other-ad/
    Yet your question is about unemployment. Did the country do ok unemployment-wise? I think so.