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Should we stop funding Planned parenthood?

  1. Josh Ratzburg profile image85
    Josh Ratzburgposted 2 years ago

    Should we stop funding Planned parenthood?

    The House has passed a bill to cease funding for Planned Parenthood. I personally think this is a huge mistake... what are your thoughts?


  2. Titen-Sxull profile image87
    Titen-Sxullposted 2 years ago

    I agree. It was frightening to see every Republican candidate during the CNN debate lie straight to camera about the Planned Parenthood videos which were shown to have been heavily edited in a deceptive manner almost immediately after their release.

    Only a small part of what Planned Parenthood does has anything to do with abortion.

    When people hear the word "fetal tissue" I get the feeling they picture something horrible like fingers and toes of dismembered fetuses when that's not at all what's being talked about. I get the feeling people don't understand that such tissue can be very helpful to furthering medical science in a similar vein to what Stem Cells could do. On the one hand I understand the emotional attachment people get to the pre-born non-viable fetuses but at the same time if a woman decides to get an abortion there is no way to keep a non-viable fetus alive outside the womb and to suggest that we just toss the tissue away makes no sense.

    I don't hear them bitching about organ donor status on our driver's licenses. If I die in a car wreck tomorrow the EMT's know that they can take my organs and put them to good use saving lives.

    So no we shouldn't stop funding Planned Parenthood.

    It provides birth control and family planning services, among other medical services, that women need AND, as a last resort, it can provide abortions. I know that seems scary to pro-lifers but to me the notion of forcing women by penalty of law to live with the consequences of rape, abuse or a night of bad judgment by bringing an unwanted child into the world is a dark and Orwellian future far worse than having abortion as an option.

    1. Austinstar profile image88
      Austinstarposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      You have a valid point about fetal tissue being used to research and save current children. There really isn't any place else to get it except from abortions or babies dying from traumas. What if your child needed a heart or liver to survive?

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    The same people who want to defund Planned Parenthood also want to cut welfare, food stamps, and social services for single mothers.
    Have your baby but don't expect any help!
    That's the "welfare queen" image that is rolled out. However welfare funds are for the (children). Defunding Planned Parenthood and cutting "entitlement" programs seems to send a contradictory message to primarily poor women in need of help.
    Ironically 95% of Planned Parenthood services do not involve abortions. Some people are against handing out birth control meds!
    Scott Walker during the first debate stated he was against women having abortions even in the case of rape or risk to the mother's life!
    Something tells me if it were (his wife) he wouldn't be so adamant.
    Nevertheless both political parties are guilty of saying they want the government out of our lives but then advocate government taking away the choices {they} disagree with.
    Both parties have their hypocritical stances.

    1. Austinstar profile image88
      Austinstarposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Women fought long and hard just to get the privilege of controlling their own bodies. Family planning is going to be forced on everyone soon because overpopulation is killing our planet and ourselves. Wake up! It's the 21st century people!

    2. profile image0
      Commander Timmyposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I really hope you didn't say that "overpopulation is killing our planet and ourselves." The nonsense and misunderstanding of life and earth. Grumble, Grumble. Oh well.

  4. lovemychris profile image60
    lovemychrisposted 2 years ago

    Complete pandering. They pander to this faux religious stance, which of course allows for gun deaths and war, then they pander to abortion-provider Netanyahu: All in the same breath!
    They never answer to why the natural effect of miscarriage is any better or different than abortion.
    Nor do they answer when you ask why we don't vasectomize all male babies.---would be 100% effective....IF abortion was the target, which of course it's not.
    Women are the target. And children. Poor kids can be very useful....just ask any gang or the Mafia....or for that matter, the US gvt. and the KKK!
    People will do anything when desperate, and what is more desperate than a single mom and her kids with no money, no help and no place to go?
    Idle hands my butt: poverty is the Devil's workshop...and these anti-abortionists know it. IMO

  5. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Insanity to the multlillionth degree!  Planned Parenthood is a necessary service in our society and culture.  Poor young women need access to birth control, abortion, and other gynecological services.  This action shows the underlying misogyny on the part of the House.  What are they "thinking"?  They are just being fools.

    Planned Parenthood provides more than abortion.  It provides birth control and other female reproductive health services.  To defund Planned Parenthood is a foolish act.  Planned Parenthood is a force and is here to stay.  If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, many women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and teenagers would not have access to birth control, abortion, and/or other health services.  America needs to grow up in terms of sexuality, especially female sexuality.  Sex, birth control, and abortion are no longer taboo, bad words.  They are a normative part of life.  This isn't the 1950s anymore!