What makes so many religionists quite judgmental & prejudicial people? What fur

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  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    What makes so many religionists quite judgmental & prejudicial people?  What furthermore makes

    religionists highly condescending of those who do not believe as they do?   


  2. profile image50
    Juno Smithposted 5 years ago

    The basis of religion is dogma, the definition of right and wrong in any circumstance, so, it is drawn and clear, no other way. The judgment comes with it, defines, limits, motivates.
    Sometimes, it is better to seem narrow minded and know where you go and how, sometimes, crap!

  3. profile image61
    peter565posted 5 years ago

    These people don't understand religion is for a person's own spiritual fulfillment only, it give you no right to persecute against others base on it.

  4. manatita44 profile image83
    manatita44posted 5 years ago

    I am a student of Peace, Grace, and as such know only about people. In Religion and out of Religion, we essential wish for the same things. The Soul is seeking, and perhaps that's why the greatest instinct is Survival, and so we do or act in such a way as is necessary to stay alive or ultimately find our True Source.

    Christianity speaks of seven deadly sins and the East speaks of five. They can attempt to address your question:

    1. Ego. It is the nature of the Ego to analyse, separate, chop things up. It gets joy in putting things in boxes, in pleasure; in name and fame. It exists largely in the mind and will generally seek its own selfish instincts. There are no 'we' and 'ours' in the Ego, but only 'I' and 'mine.'

    2. Anger or wrath is very difficult to conquer, and has lead to many deaths and devastation. Anger is present because the mind is restless and not peaceful or serene.

    3. Lust/desire/passion. This is also tied up with the next one called Attachment. We use the spiritual energy in a very carnal or promiscuous way and this leads to anger and Greed, the 5th. Desire weakens us and makes us more animalistic and brutish.

    4. Attachments. Sometimes called Maya or illusion. We see the world as real and permanent and become attached to house, family, car, food and wine and many things. We forget that this whole thing is ran by a Cosmic Will and that we are only instuments. We see the illusion, instead of the Reality, and feel falsely, that we are in charge.

    5. Greed. This also increase the desire for material gain or rather an enslavement to material gain, as well as power and pelf. We can only do this, when empathy is missing and as such we forget that Humanity is our brothers and sisters.

    This is what makes us humans prejudicial and judgemental. In this mad quest for survival and with an ignorance of Knowledge, we become insecure, fearful and resentful and do wrong things, Religion or no Religion. We are essentially human, a Soul or Souls in Isolation, and on its/their way HOME.

    Finally, Spirituality asks us to change our own nature, but even in your question there is a looking 'out' rather than 'within' to prayer, Silence; Solitude, Service ... as it is perceived by many to be more comfortable to do so. In Love and Light.

  5. Say Yes To Life profile image81
    Say Yes To Lifeposted 5 years ago

    Christianity teaches it is the only true religion.  It also emphasizes witnessing to those who believe differently, in an effort to convert and "save" the whole world.  Some even go so far as to say their particular denomination is the only true one!  This, coupled with the threat of eternal hellfire, is what makes Christians so fanatical and bigoted.


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