What do you think about the terror in Israel caused by the Palestinians?

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    Temimah Pillowsposted 2 years ago

    What do you think about the terror in Israel caused by the Palestinians?

    In the past couple of weeks there have been a ton of terror attacks caused by the Palestinians. These attacks have harmed and killed over 100 people. The Palestinians are throwing rocks, shooting, and stabbing innocent Israeli citizens.


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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    The Israel-Palestine policy is f***ed up from day one.  First we need to get something straight, technically speaking, both Israelian and Palestina are Jews.  1st there is no such thing call the Jewish race, as many pre modern Europeans believe.  It is just a bunch of people who have ancestorial heritage to the original 12 Jewish tribes that left Africa to Israel.  In fact, consider human started off from an endanger species with only 5000 to begin with, 20000 years ago, to now there are billions of us, everybody have some Jewish heritage.  (5000 is the number I got from biology class, back when I was in high school)   After the original Jew state was destroyed by Romans 2000 years ago, most of the Jews, still live there.  But through marriage the original Jews have decendents amount Arabs, Africans, Asians and Europeans. In Europe, the Jews and their decendents are been continue persecuted and discriminated against, under the name "Jews are evil" creating an us vs them relationship base on those who are of Jewish heritage or not.  Despite if we really trace our heritage, we are all Jews.  Those who have been labeled as Jews are continue to be persecuted against.  Palistina are the people who have the most Jewish heritage.  Because most Jews never left Israel and continue to have descendants there. 

    But with no real understanding to the situation, after WW2 the Europeans decide to help the Jew revive their nation.  Thus created a nation, in part of modern Palistine, for those who have been thought of as Jews base on their heritage.  The Palistina are of course furious, they have been there for 2000 years.  But like most none European Jews, Palistinian no longer identifiy themself as Jews, but think of themself as Arabs and Muslims.  Originally Palistan is a part of the Ottoman Empire, it was created by the Mongolia,  After WW1 the Ottoman Empire was destroyed and split into many nations,  Palistine was not been recognized by the Europeans as a nation.  And the US wasn't planning to get into a war with the British to defend Palistine's sovergant,  After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Middle Eastern nation was too weak to deal with the ally forces from Europe.

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      bradmasterOCcalposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      The bottom line, even with your great history lesson, is still a religious based problem. As you said, Palestine has taken up the Arab, and Muslim side of the dispute. Neither one of them seems to have the ear of God, and God.