What's the best thing and what's the worst thing that America has to offer ?

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    PeterStipposted 2 years ago

    What's the best thing and what's the worst thing that America has to offer ?

    Every country has it's good sides and it's bad sides. What do you think is a positive thing of the US and what could be improved...


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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    America is still the land of opportunity.  People can make the most & best of themselves if they intelligently & diligently apply themselves.  There is simply no excuse for a person to be less than what h/she can be educationally & socioeconomically.  Many immigrants have come to America from nothing & became highly successful by dent of their own efforts.  If they can do it, there is no excuse for generational Americans not to be successful.

    America is also the land of inventiveness.  One's past does not necessarily determine one's future.  One can always reform his/her negative past & become a more positive person.  In America, one has the opportunity to reinvent himself/herself into the person h/she desires to be.  Furthermore, just because one has a scandalous or negative past does not mean that his/her future prospects will not be bright. 

    The welfare system is taxing America & sending it into almost economic oblivion.   Many people on welfare are able bodied who CAN but WILL NOT work.  They find it easier to bilk the system than to work for a living.  In addition to that, there is GENERATIONAL welfare-this has got to STOP!   

    The civil service system in America.  Many government jobs are unnecessary & repetitive.  The American civil service system should be cut by 95%.   The same functions can be done far better by private industry & for a profit.  Government jobs only eats away at the taxpayers' monies & provide only mediocre or worse service.  The United States Post Office comes to mind.

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      Thanks for your opinion Grace, I'm not quite sure if agree with you but I asked the question to hear some answers and different points of view, regardless of my own opinion, maybe I will share that later on.