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How should the world react to the terrible acts in Paris?

  1. John Colarusso profile image78
    John Colarussoposted 2 years ago

    How should the world react to the terrible acts in Paris?

    In the wake of the horrific terrorist acts in Paris Friday, we have come to a very serious conclusion. Isis is bigger and worse than the Taliban, or Al-QUIEDA. So how do we stop it? Arm local malitia again? Do we bomb them? Negotiate? Track down the leaders and take them out? What is the best course of action to take for both America, and the rest of the world. It is only a matter of time before something bigger and worse happens somewhere else


  2. Tusitala Tom profile image65
    Tusitala Tomposted 2 years ago

    How should we react?   Reaction is not a choice, it is an automatic response based on conditioning.   The question needs be, How should we ACT.   Then we will have a choice based not simply on one of our basic emotion of "wanting to get even," but on a more rational response.

    Obviously - in the long term anyway - "bombing people back to the Stone Age," as a particular politician said about the undeclared war in Vietnam, will not guarantee victory.  We know who won that war. Deployment and victory by armed forces must be backed up with something more.

    We know that 'punishing a people' such as the Allies did to Germany at the end of the 1914-18 'War to end all wars' dies not work.  However, the various Aid schemes implemented after the 1939-44 war were much more successful.   Deal with the civilian population; get them on side seems the way to go.

    In the case of world-wide terrorism, if the terrorists tacitly have the support of many, they'll keep at it.   If that support is nullified by having the people who support their actions not only no longer do so, but who revile  THEM, rather than those the terrorists are at present attacking, things will change.

    When violent acts are deplored worldwide then the violence will die a natural death.   But in order for that to happen a whole cultural shift will need take place; probably the biggest change in Human History.

    So if you wish for that change there's really only one person you can work on - yourself.   As President Truman said, "The buck stops here."   If enough of us do that, then the change cannot not come about.

    1. John Colarusso profile image78
      John Colarussoposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Well said, and yes I made poor word choice by phrasing it with react.

  3. bradmasterOCcal profile image29
    bradmasterOCcalposted 2 years ago

    What we shouldn't do is repeat history. In the last seventy years we have made mistakes, and many of them are still in play.

    As to the current world of terrorism, our mistakes occurred back  when we went to aid of Afghanistan against the Russians. We made a wrong decision there and many more after that one.

    So we have a game book of failures, and that means we need to find a new paradigm to fight terrorism today.

    The people in ISIS are just the latest mutation of the same enemy we saw in Afghanistan. A massive group of terrorists that while not having the resources of Russia or the US have successfully defeated both countries.

    No good deed goes unpunished, and that is true of our helping Afghanistan against the Russian. Our training of the Afghan fighters have been successfully used against us.

    They have proven that the US will turn and walk away if they make it too annoying for us. This has been proven time and time again.

    So a new paradigm against these terrorists is to make it clear that if we go after them, we won't leave like we have done in the past. If we don't make that commitment, then we should just not go.

    The US hasn't won a war since the 1898, I wrote a hub, so I won't say why here.

    my opinion.
    Delete it if you don't like it.

  4. RLWalker LM profile image74
    RLWalker LMposted 2 years ago

    Chemical and nuclear warfare will will eventually reach the headlines.

    The best way to deal with a recurring problem is to find te root cause and remove it.

    Islam is one root cause, as anyone with any knowledge of it will tell you of the things that it teaches.

    Then there's the human ego. Maybe if we were all Buddhas this wouldn't be a problem.

    Then there's mortality. Maybe if we were immortal.

    Then there's space exploration. Maybe run away to another solar system out of reach.

    Or we could all pretend we don't care and hope they stop because they're not getting the reaction they're looking for. Unlikely.

    And lets not forget, we could always surrender and give in whole heartedly to their demands all the time, even if it means chopping our own heads off because we are unclean and beyond saving.

    Lots of options, take your pick.