What are THE TOP TEN most stereotypically inane & unintelligent remarks you have

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are THE TOP TEN most stereotypically inane & unintelligent remarks you have heard about

    childfree people from people who have children?


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    Express10posted 2 years ago

    I would say selfishness is the number one unintelligent remark. I actually know of a couple of women who are quite angry at their choice to become mothers yet, they try their best to "recruit" others into becoming moms. They will tell women they should have at least one as if a child is a material possession, a trophy of sorts, all the while they hate the fact that they will likely never have their pre-child bodies, that they have no time for themselves and no money, etc.
    In fact, both of these women stress over money and not being able to pick up and just go on a vacation or anywhere for that matter, and that they can't have some things and opportunities that many child free people have, etc. I don't want children and I am anything but a selfish person. However, I have noticed that the most common topics of discussion for these two revolve around themselves and their kids, even when others have absolutely NO interest and that is precisely what I would say is selfish.

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    (1) They are going to be so alone in their old age.
    (2) Who is going to bury you?
    (3) Children COMPLETE a marriage.
    (4) Only irresponsible people don't have children.
    (5) Only selfish people don't have children.
    (6) Everyone wants children, c'mon now.
    (7) Having children makes you an adult. You are not an adult until you have children.
    (8) You must HATE children.
    (9) Children are a source of security you know.
    (10) Humans were made to multiply and replenish the earth.
    (11) They must be so immature.  Mature people HAVE children.
    (12) You need to live for someone else.
    (13) They are hedonistic and concerned only about their pleasures.
    (14) Children make people so much happier.
    (15) No one is fulfilled until they have children.
    (16) Children are a duty and obligation.  After all, that is being an adult is ALL ABOUT!
    (17) All our friends have children, c'mon honey, we can't be the only couple without children.
    (18)  You are going against God's plan.
    (19)  They are immoral, sinful, & evil.
    (20) They don't want children because they are not religious. If they were religious, they would have children.